49 Degree 4 corners

49 Degree 4 corners

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Humpback, First Base, Lombardi (Respect), Pikachu, Candy Cane, Judge Judy, Laces, Killington, O'Douls, Boxcar

The Thang:

Rolled out of the driveway this am and the temperature began with a “4”, which was a little shock to the system. But at the AO, a steady stream of cars started coming and we circled up.

Tempo Squat IC x 15

TTT IC x 15

Hairy Rockette IC x 15

LBAC F/R x 15; OH Clap x 15

SSH x 20 IC


Pax ran around the church for a short lap to the blocks, each grabbing one and headed to the big lot. This was a 4 corners style beatdown, with 3 exercises at each corner. Divided up 2-3 Pax at each corner and got started. One exercise per station was completed, with a mosey to the next station.

Station 1: 30 Squats; Station 2: 15 Offset Merkins; Station 3: 50 Curls; Station 4: 25 LBCs

Station 1: 20 Lunges; Station 2: 20 pullovers; Station 3: 20 Tri Extensions; Station 4: 30 Flutters 2c

Station 1: 20 Jump Squats (note: 1-2 inches of vertical does not comprise a jump squat. Not naming names); Station 2: 30 1-arm rows; Station 3: 25 OH Press; Station 4: 10 BBSU + 10 HTH

Pax did suicides in the central part of the lot while everyone finished up. Props to Pikachu and Candy Cane for almost completing the lot. No props for QIC for forgetting Exercise 3 at Station 4 and having to run over and do them. I digress.

Pax then circled up for: 20 Merkins IC. 10 Hand release Merkins OYO. Mountain Climbers IC x 20. Back to blocks for 15 Tempo block squats.

Return blocks, circle up for some core. Boxer Cutters IC x 20. O’Douls’ swervy circle leg thing that nobody likes b/c it’s a smoker, so we should keep doing it. American Hammers x 15 IC. Flutters x 15 IC.

Freed to Bleed tomorrow at Greek Orthodox Church. If you haven’t signed up, if you could do that that would be greeeaaat.

It was a great morning, cool and crisp and great to lead. GREAT NUMBERS!


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