Workout Date:



The Thang:

It was a warm, humid morning when I ran into the Village parking lot. At 5:29, the 1-minute warning was given, followed by the disclaimer at 5:30.

The following workout was based on the date, 5-18-18:


5 burpees oyo

Dash (mosey) 1 lap around the parking lot.

18 arm circles forward and reverse ic

Dash 1 lap around the parking lot

18 imperial walkers ic

The Thang:

5 sets of Jack Webb’s

Dash (mosey) with coupons around the front of the child development center building to the picnic tables

Ascending 18’s with dips at one end and curls at the other (1 curl, 1 dip, 2 curls, 2 dips, etc. all the way up to 18 curls and 18 dips)

Dash (mosey) back to the coupon pile to put away coupons

Ascending 18’s in the parking lot with big boys at one end and 2-count flutter kicks at the other.

As we neared the end of this last set of 18’s, time was called and we circled up for COT.


Mud run Saturday a.m.

First UMC bed build Saturday a.m.


Skidmark’s dad

Vitamin D’s father-in-law

Safety during bike weeks

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