5 Mile High Club – Its Not What You Think

5 Mile High Club – Its Not What You Think

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Hottub, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 77 degrees, calm, less humid, no rain

At Wednesday’s Beatdown at BombSquad, ERC mentioned that there would not be a Sunshine sighting this a.m. b/c he was running with Hottub. These PAX, led by Hottub, have been running 2-3 days a week and invite ERC via text message each day. YHC, however, has not received any such text messages and ERC could see the bewilderment on my eyes. He told me next time he gets a text he’ll let me know, too. Thanks brother.

Even though I’d get an invite for the next run there was still a burning questions racing around my mind, “what did I do to deserve the exile from Hulkamania text chain in the first place?”

What have I done to be excommunicated from the ‘Fastest AO in the Region’? Was it my spotty appearances at HulkyGears over month ago that poisoned the well or did the Elite Friday posts touch a nerve, maybe it was my lack of prior prompt tweeter tweets,  . . . or was it just an oversight? YHC did not know!

All that rumination, however, disappeared last night at 8 pm.  YHC received a text from Hottub seeing whether YHC would be interested in a “wet run in the morning”? One word response, “Yes!”. YHC had no other choice if he wanted to get back into the good graces of the Hulkamaniacs! . Now all I had to do is get up 15 minutes early (runs begin at 5:15 sharp), which is quite early after being spoiled with 5:30 start times since the reboot on May 4th.

YHC arrived at the Hulk a little after 5 a.m. and at first was taken aback.  I was the only PAX in the lot, however, then I remembered that most PAX arrive 2-3 minutes prior to go time, which gives them plenty of time to meander out of their truck/car and still provides for an optimal 1 minute stretch.

At 5:13, Hottub pulled into the lot, right on time. YHC at first didn’t recognize Hottub’s Truck as he pulled into the lot, after all it was probably 3 – 4 months ago that we last ran together (March, April, May, & ½ of June!!). Besides not recognizing Hottub at first, YHC had no idea if I could even keep up when the run begins!  A week off has a noticeable impact on one’s stamina; what impact will 3 months causes? Hottub informed me that Sunshine & Rubber were planning on going to The Village ( That can only mean one thing – – -Rubbers was on Q and Sunshine owed him for all the times he twisted Rubber’s arm to come to run at the Hulk . . .Cobains Rubber for missing your Elite Friday Q!!).

Hottub said there maybe a newer guy running . . .Trapdoor. He had been running the last couple of weeks (I secretly hoped that would be more my pace.) No one else arrived. The silent one minute warning came and went and standing there is the first light of day was two 50 year old PAX ready to begin.

If Hottub’s pace was too much, YHC had an out by stating that depending on the numbers at The Village, I may peel off and join the beatdown . . . read on to see what transpired and whether there was any relief for the wary or if YHC could earn a spot on the Hulkamania text chain.

5:15 – No Headlamps were lit  . . . off we ran into the Gloom!



Up & over the Bridge, past the YMCA, and onto 62nd Avenue. We crossed Bypass 17, ran through The Village to see Texas Ranger, Rubber, Sunshine, Hamburglar, Redcoat doing Hot Yoga in preparation for an epic Elite Friday Beatdown! The Hulkamaniacs kept up the pace and headed back out the Village Gate and straight to the beach.

When we arrived at the beach access, Hottub & I took a well-deserved 60 second break to take in the majesty of God’s creation as the sun began rising over the ocean. We then turned around and head back to The Village to see what kind of pain Rubber was inflicting on his fellow PAX. When we arrived at The Village, the PAX were in the middle of a session of brutal 11’s with cinder blocks. For the record we did not jump in for set. Misery may love company, but Hottub & YHC had a tight schedule to keep & had to continue running.

We crossed Bypass 17 and ran down 62nd Avenue N. We then turned left on Claire Chapin Epps Drive towards the YMCA. Slight left onto the run path past the Barc Parc, then a hard right onto Col. Bob Bell’s run path.

Once on CBB run path, Hottub and I kicked it up a gear and ran up and over Mt. Zeb (the Bridge) an accelerated down the other side, then sprinted down Frontage Road back to the Hulk!

A great run was had. It was a respectable pace, good conversation, and great fellowship. No better way to start the day! I just might have earned another invite.

6:05 – Time Called

The Numbers:  5.4 Miles; 50 minutes, Pace 9:15

Announcements: 5 year Anniversary Convergence!

Prayers led by Hottub




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