5 PAX Tossing Coupons

5 PAX Tossing Coupons

Workout Date:





Beefsteak, Boxcar, Texas Ranger, Crankbait, Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions:  About 50 and darn near perfect!

Pulled in at 5:10 to see Texas Ranger’s clown mobile already holding the gate open.  How nice, sense they changed the gate code at The Village.  Shortly after, as I see Boxcar and Texas Ranger, I realize they put in extra work with a pre-run.  Here comes Beefsteak and Crankbait, time to begin.

COP:  SSH IC x 20, Tempo Squat IC x 15, TTT IC x 20, Skiers IC x 20, Merkins called on down x 22, & Plank Jacks IC x 20.

1 Mosey lap around the AO.

The Beatdown:

  • Grab coupons and move to next corner of parking lot for a quick partner exercise consisting of 200 Curls as the other PAX makes a small lap around the parking lot.
  • Move to area in front of the building (by the flag poles) for 25 Blockees as we marched toward 17 Bypass.
  • Finish making our way to the large parking lot by 17 Bypass for more partner work.  250 OH Press while other PAX makes a lap around the light pole.
  • Over to the basketball court for, what some called, KingKongs or just Skidmark 11s.  Either way, it must have been tough to possibly get a name.  11 Thrusters and push block to other side, 10 Thrusters and mosey to other side, 9 Squats with hands in the air like you just don’t care and mosey back to other side, 8 Thrusters and push block to other side, 7 Thrusters and mosey to other side, 6 Squats with hands in air and mosey to other side, 5 Thrusters and push blocks…  Basically you would do Thrusters twice and then Squats once until we worked from 11 to 1.
  • Move to the farthest corner of the soccer field to toss some coupons.  Underhand toss/roll the block and either Broad Jump or Bunny Hop to it.  We repeated this 15 times.
  • 4 PAX carried our coupons back, while Texas Ranger picked up the broken pieces of his block and met us at the coupon stack.  Here we burned out with – 20 Swings OYO, 20 Tricep Ext IC, 20 Curls IC, 20 OH Press IC, 20 Dips IC, 12 Derkins on my down, & 15 more Curls IC.
  • Small lap around the parking lot back to the shovel flag.


Bombsquad AOQ is getting passed to the very capable O’Douls on Monday the 27th.  We lifted up a few PAX that are pushing hard, and Beefsteak finished the COT with a prayer.

It was an honor to lead!  We are here for each other!

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