Line Games with Coupons……..Just Sayin

Line Games with Coupons……..Just Sayin

Workout Date:





Sunshine, El Red Cardo, Texas Ranger, The Choice, Crankbait

The Thang:

The morning started out a chilly 48 degrees and rainy and as the morning went on………….it continued to be chilly and rainy.

1 minute warning

F3 disclaimer was given followed by:


  • 15 reps of SSH, TTT, Windmills and Imperial Walkers in cadence
  • Used width of parking lot to complete lunges forward and backward, toe touches, Quad stretches with Pax shoulder to shoulder
  • One full lap around property Mozy style

The Thang

“Coupon line games”

Each Pax selected a coupon

Starting point was parking lines (15 lines total)

Completed 3 rounds of exercises that included:

Round 1) Overhead press at first line – Front Raises at second line – upright rows at third line – repeat until line 15 (5 sets of each exercise)

  • 2 laps around parking lot

Round 2) Squats – Lunges – Good Mornings at each line

  • 2 laps around parking lot

Round 3) Bicep Curls – Bent over rows – Overhead tricep extensions at each line

  • 1 lap

Pax circled up after a quick 10 count to complete coupon swings in cadence followed by a overhead coupon carry back to the coupon pile for drop off


“Curb games”

Each Pax completed a total of 100 dips and 100 2 count Rocky Balboa’s at curb side

“Stan Lee”

In honor of the late Stan Lee – Captain Thor’s

1:4 Ratio of Big Boy Sit-ups and American Hammers (4 count)

  • Stopped at round 7 but I think “The Choice” and “Texas Ranger” were done in around round 3


Pax all agreed that workout felt great but only after time was called; multiple “just sayin” references throughout

Completed Announcements: Look to Christmas Party in December, Turkey Trot in Plantation Lakes and some discussion about obstacle races in 2019


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