Amped Up!

Amped Up!

Workout Date:





OneCall, Geno, Rousey, Sitework (Republic), Flash, Weedeater, Bling, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 56 Degrees, Cloudy…beautiful change from earlier in the week!

I showed up about 8 minutes till 0700 start time.  3 PAX, OneCall, Rousey and Bling, had just completed their 1.5 Hour Ruck to include pull-ups, burpees and Turkish Getups, and while Geno was congratulating them on their super gloom beatdown, Bling opened his trunk and started selling F3 Gear and I’m pretty sure he had some fake Rolexes and Gucci bags in there.  As he was collecting, out of the gloom, 2 more PAX, Weedeater and Billboard, were finishing their 2 hour SaltyGears ride.  Then a car pulled into the lot, door swung open and Sitework got dumped out before the car sped away.

2 minute warning.

Disclaimer – Wait…what…Billboard high tailed it out…where did he go???

It was a rough start for YHC as he struggled through the disclaimer, and sought help from OneCall for the legalese.

Warm-Up (YHC still struggling through as if it was his VQ)



Windmills x20 IC



Overhead Claps x20 IC

Overhead Press x20 IC

22 Merkins

Grab a jump rope and Mosey to the Meyers Ave Lot



Cindy = 1 minute of 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 deep squats (if time left, then rest till next round)

Cindy x10

Jump Rope 2 minutes

Side to Side LBC (SSLBC) 2 minutes

Calf Raises 2 minutes

Overhead Press 1 minute

Cindy x5

Jump Rope 1 minute

SSLBC 1 minute

Calf Raises 1 minute

Overhead Press 1 minute

Cindy x5

Jump Rope 1 minute

Calf Raises 1 minute

Overhead Press 1 minute

SSLBC 1 minute

Plank 1 minute

Rocky Balboa 1 minute

Plank with shoulder touches 1 minute

Cindy x2


Mosey Back


Count-O-Rama – 8


Annoucements – Reminder of new AO – Catapult

BOM by OneCall – Prayers spoken and unspoken


-YHC stole this beatdown when DR from our F3 Anderson Brother, Amp.  All in all, even with the slight modification, the beatdown included 105 burpees, 242 Merkins (including warmup) and 330 deep squats.

-The mumblechatter was good and I needed the grilling after missing on the disclaimer and cadence count…

-Shout out to those #HIM that put in serious work before this beatdown and pushed through…even with a little modification here and there.

-There was no running during this Q, other than the short mosey…YHC thought this would be Geno approved…but was quickly corrected.

-It was an intense beatdown, physically and mentally…everyone pushed through…Thanks to Sitework for visiting us at #Warthog.  Hope to have you back.

-Thanks to Socastee High for the old school jump ropes! Nice to get some footwork in!

-Thanks to the PAX for allowing me to lead today!  Iron sharpens Iron!



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