7 Days, 7 AOs, A Good week!

7 Days, 7 AOs, A Good week!

Workout Date:



High Interest


Roughly 65 PAX across the Region

The Thang:

About a month ago, as Bluegrass was on a tear to ensure that he was first on the Iron Flag, he challenged OneCall, Bling and myself to complete 7 beatdowns in 7 days. The recent addition of #TheDunes made this possible and Bluegrass, in true Bluegrass fashion, jumped right on it and knocked it out. My first thought was “Yeah that’s not happening.” Then the 43 Feet Podcast came out and Dredd and Dark Helmet talk about taking the Daily Red Pill and Accelerating. It hit me that I was in danger of setting the cruise control on my fitness and not Accelerating as an F3 Man is called to do. Then YHC decided it was time to meet the challenege laid out by Bluegrass and post 7 straight days.

Here’s how it went down:

  • Tuesday 7/10 – The Riviera – 15 PAX – HoeDown on Q. Debut of the Iron Flag. Solid beatdown and a solid message. Definitely a great way to start my Acceleration of all three Fs.
  • Tuesday 7/10 – Carolina Forest Playground – 2.0 Workout – Crankbait on Q. Being around this group of men and their 2.0s, hits on what F3 is all about. If you haven’t made it out, try to find the time this summer.
  • Wednesday 7/11 – WaveRucker – 8 PAX – Hoser on Q.  2 virgin ruckers. Great beatdown from Hoser and always great fellowship. If you haven’t tried rucking yet, show up one Wednesday morning. There’s always an extra ruck available.
  • Thursday 7/12 – The Village – 10 PAX – Skidmark on Q.  Kitten brought an FNG from New Directions who was eager to see what F3 was all about. He put in the work, then shared his story, and is now ReBorn. So awesome to see all the men rally around the 6 and make sure we were all supportive of the FNG.
  • Friday 7/13 – Hasslehoff – 8 PAX – Running isn’t really my thing, but neither was posting 7 straight days.  It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, reminded me how much more running I need to do.
  • Saturday 7/14 – New Directions AO to be named – 23 PAX – Kitten on Q. What a morning this was! 8 Resident FNGs and the effort they put in was inspiring. The challenges these men have faced were jaw dropping and they showed up ready to work and Accelerate. Just an awesome launch. Huge praise to Kitten for making this happen! (And a quick side note, don’t take your health insurance for granted. The number of major health events we heard about was staggering.)
  • Sunday 7/15 – The Dunes – 3 PAX – Skidmark on Q. This was the hardest day for me. Day 6, on Sunday after not making the best beverage choices on Saturday night.  So thankful to have Skidmark pushing with a challenging Q and Goldberg always encouraging and moving. Sunrise was as amazing as always. Get here at least once this summer if you can. We’re blessed to have the #PrettiestAOintheNation. Take advantage!
  • Monday 7/16 – BombSquad – 8 PAX – Barney on Q. A tire slinging good time! It was a great beatdown and even better message during the COT. Plant grow and serve! It’s all about giving it away and being there for the man next to you!

7 things I learned this week:

1. What you eat or drink the night before makes a difference the next morning.
2. Burpees still suck, even when you do them everyday.
3. I need to run more.
4. #TheDunes really is the prettiest AO in the Nation. There’s just something better about working out on the beach.
5. My body can hold up for 7 days of beatdowns. That excuse is off the list.
6. We have a ton of great AOs in this Region. Hate I couldn’t make it to Timeshare or Blackbeard but there’s only 7 days in the week.
7. The roughly 65 PAX that posted alongside me over the past week are the reason I accomplished this goal. Without the accountability and encouragement they provided, YHC would have quit early. F3 has changed my life.

So obviously there is no real reason to write a backblast just for posting 7 days in a row. It wasn’t some amazing accomplishment. Heck, Goldberg just made it 8 straight days today and I’m sure Bluegrass did about 20 straight since he made the challenge. It did have an impact on me though and I wanted to share, just in case makes another PAX want to get out and push themselves a little farther.

Find a way to Accelerate! Maybe it’s working towards the Iron Flag, or posting 7 straight days, or just moving up from 3 to 4 days per week. Don’t set the cruise control. Stay on gas!

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