7 FNG’s for our 7th AO!!

7 FNG’s for our 7th AO!!

Workout Date:



OneCall and Sunshine


Valvano, Jenner, Big Cheese(FNG Andy W.), Flyover, Hot Tub, Quaker, Bling, Cruncher(FNG Jim R.)(RESPECT), Kitten (Meow), Novacaine(FNG Chip C.)(RESPECT), 44%(FNG Greg B.), Vitamin D., Franklin, Vladimir (2.0), High Interest, Rousey, Marsha(FNG Preston B.), Chewy, Nail Gun(FNG Neil B.), Buffet, Skidmark(FNG Brad D.), Ms. Pac-Man, Handy Manny, Crankbait, Sunshine (QIC), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

65 degrees

Today was long anticipated launch of our 7th AO!!!  Hitting another area where growth was sought!  We have had some amazing pushes by our #HIM.  An article in some community magazines, mentioning F3 in some church sermons, having the launch in a church bulletin, and of course, the amazing EH’ing by men to share this AWESOME thing!!  There were 7 FNG’s this morning!  Each had been drawn to F3 in different fashions, but each got a great taste of what this amazing leadership movement is all about!!

YHC picked Bling up for our little #ClownCar and we cruised to the AO to check it out, get parked, get cones set up, etc.  We saw plenty of real estate and lots and lots of potential pain stations!!  We also saw sprinklers going like crazy and were a bit worried we would get soaked in the middle of the #beatdown, but we were lucky and did not.  For some reason Kitten did not have access to shut those down!

After the cruising the AO and setting up the cones, we started meeting the men that had pulled in, and saw lots and lots of faces.  26 to be exact!!!  Well, 24 – Franklin and Vladimir came rolling in hot after the COP had started.  A GREAT GREAT launch!!  #T-Claps to all the #FirstBell FNG’s, to all the men that showed up for this launch, and of course, to all the men that worked on these FNG’s whose lives will be changed for the better!!

2 minute warning
1 minute warning
Time to go….A quick intro was given to everyone about what was going to go down

We circled up for our COP
Quick How we Count demonstration with Merkins
Throughout the COP, the Mission of F3 was given – To plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership!
Also, the 5 core components of every F3 workout:
Open to all men 18+ (or younger with their dad as we had a 2.0 with us), regardless of fitness level – we don’t care where you are when you start, we just won’t leave you there – you will get better every time
Outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold
Led on a peer rotating basis by men with no certification or training
End with a COT

SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Merkins x 15 IC
Squats x 10 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Plank on the 6
Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
American Hammer x 15 IC
LBAC forward x 15 IC
LBAC backward x 16 IC [You never know what to expect, so push til the end each time!]
Shoulder presses x 20 IC
CDDs x 10 IC

Mosey to one end of the field where the cones were
Bear crawl to the first set of cones(halfway) then mosey/sprint to other side; plank on 6
Crawl Bear back to middle cones; then mosey/sprint to other side; plank on 6
Crab Walk arms first to middle cones; then mosey/sprint to other side; plank on 6
Crab Walk legs first to middle cones; then mosey/sprint to other side; plank on 6

REMEMBER – everything is YOU versus YOU.  Do what you can, go as far as you can, then modify as needed.  Push yourself each time to get a little bit better, go a little bit further, do 1 more rep!

Next was our AMRAP circuits so you get a great workout no matter what fitness level you are at
Line up – 5 Minute AMRAP cone to cone
10 Merkins; Run to middle cones, 10 CDD’s
Run to far cones, 10 Diamond Merkins
Run back to middle cones, 10 CDD’s
Run back to first cones, 10 Merkins
Rinse and repeat this til time called
Plank on 6 as we all finished up

Next was legs
10 Squats; Run to middle cones, 10 lunges (5 each leg)
Run to far cones, 10 Prisoner squats
Run back to middle cones, 10 lunges (5 each leg)
Run back to first cones, 5 squats
Rinse and repeat this til time called
Al Gore on 6 as we all finished up

Mosey to #ShovelFlag for explanation of flag and presentation of the same to AOQ – Sunshine
What it stands for; those that have sacrificed the ultimate price for it; that we have the ability to join together in the gloom freely without fear thanks to those brave souls

Sunshine took over

Yul Brynner
Magnificent Seven Merkins.
Progress through 7 different types of merkins without stopping/holding plank between each one
Carolina Dry Dock to
Wide Merkin to
Merkin to
Ranger Merkin to
Diamond Merkin to
Crucible Merkin to
Chuck Norris Merkin.
Rinse and repeat on Q’s call – we did 4 rounds

Monkey side lunges across the field

Catch me if you can – partner 1 run backwards; partner 2 do 3 burpees and give chase. Switch when caught

American Hammers x 30 IC


Count-O-Rama – 26 with 7 FNG’s!!
Prayer requests for member of Kitten’s church who was dealing with a terrible loss and a funeral today
Prayer requests for Texas and all the horrible hatred in this world
Prayer requests unspoken
BOM by YHC – Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

– The excitement and energy at a launch is always contagious.  So great seeing so many #HIM wanting to spread and share F3.
– We had some merlot….and it wasn’t from a FNG!  Merlot is always awesome.  Never hide.  Never back down.  Puke and rally!!!
– 2 FNG in the Respect category – Cruncher and Novacaine – that is AWESOME!  Our local group has many 2.0’s, but we have 18 up to 69 and everywhere in between!  Coming out as Respect is always a tremendous inspiration for all the other men!
– 44% has made some amazing gains in the last few years and hopefully F3 will fit his training schedule.  I know I am looking forward to cheering a Brother on in his bodybuilding competition next year.
– Handy Manny laid the ground work – for 2 years – on Big Cheese and High Interest the closer came in and got him to post!
– High Interest pursued Marsha like a prom date.  Marsha had some major facial injuries growing up
– Skidmark is not what one may think….he took a nasty spill on a treadmill!!  And another prom date for High Interest
– Nail Gun is NOT in construction.  But somebody yelled it out and it sounded great!
– Awesome group of men being there for one another, sharpening one another!!!

– Be sure to check out our regional website.  All local information is on that!
– #TheVillage will be a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday boot camp AO.  Check out our schedule and post anywhere, anytime!!!
– Get the F3 App
– FNG’s – read the email you will get – it has a ton of great info!
– December 9 – Saturday – 3rd annual F3GrandStrand Christmas Party!!  Bound to be epic!!  Save the Date Now!!  6-10 PM.  Check Region News for updates!


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