“71” Mile

“71” Mile

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First Base, Beefsteak, Billy Blanks, CrossStitch, Hedgehog, Quaker, Jude Judy, Killington, Candy Cane, ERC

The Thang:

Conditions– High 30s and Windy

I put myself on the Q sheet last month for Big Monday at Bombsquad. I am not going to lie, but it was really difficult to get up this morning with the weather outside, feeling under the weather and just dealing with a stressful few weeks. BUT, I am sure glad I did since it was a great way to release some pent up energy.

One minute warning was announced.

Mission and Disclaimer was given. I explained that on Thursday at Catapult I did a tribute beatdown for my FIL and was going to continue the theme this week at my Qs. He was 71 years old when he passed away and I was going to utilize that number of reps throughout the beatdown:


71- Hairy Rockettes IC (WOW!!)

20- Shoulder Taps IC

20- TTTs IC

20- LBACs IC

11- Big Arms Circles IR IC (the last 4 set or exercises = 71 reps)

71- SSHs IC

The Thang

The following set of exercises was explained, which was similar to a burpee Mile, but this was called the “71” mile (again to honor my FIL). I advised PAX that they would work at their own pace while all the PAX completed the following set of exercises (4 rounds total). If any PAX finish before the rest of the group, that they should add extra sets or mosey:

20 Merkins

20 2ct Flutters

20 Squats

11 Dry Docks (totals 71 reps)

1 Mosey around AO perimeter

4 rounds of the above completed

Instructed PAX to Mosey to coupon pile for a set of Colt “71s” (20/20/31) IC

20 Tri-Extensions IC

20- OPs IC

31- Rows IC (set = 71)

Mosey back to COT



71- Hello Dollies IC (Ouch!)

Stretching OYO




Beefsteak went through announcements:  2/4- Freed to Bleed, 2/17 3 year Catapult anniversary Q by Rousey and Flop, 2/12?-Passing the AOQ torch for BS to CrossStitch,  2/24- Passing First Base; 2/22-Crop Duster VQ, lots of activity going on at these 2 AOs!

I took this opportunity again to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support as my family heals from our loss.

I prayed us out focusing on God to look over my family on how to navigate the future without my FIL’s physical presence, Hedgehog’s stepmother Bonnie, PAX showing patience, love and kindness

As always, it’s an honor to lead, especially on a BIG MONDAY!


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