71s Tribute to Dad

71s Tribute to Dad

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Pikachu, Rousey, First Base, Crabs, Killington, Judge Judy, Candy Cane, Crop Duster

The Thang:

Conditions– Mid 30s, brisk and calm winds; slight fog

Well, what a stressful 7 days it has been for YHC. Unfortunately, last Thursday my father-in-law, William “Bill” Carroll, passed away unexpectedly at his house here in Carolina Forest. Needless to say, our entire family is mourning and in shock, but our faith is holding us together by a thread. Bill had a tremendous impact on our lives and was the pioneer of our entire family relocating down to Myrtle Beach. He is going to be missed dearly especially by his 3 young grandchildren- Mason, Mia and Monroe. He was very active in their lives, and ours for that matter. Words cannot express the sadness we are feeling right now, but the outpouring that we have received from our friends, family and my fellow Catapult crew has been a huge comfort to our family. We are so appreciative and cannot thank our support system enough, including our church.

With that being said, Hedgehog was scheduled to be on Q and was ready to tackle the gloom with a well prepared Q outlined in a pre-blast he shared with me. Last night, he texted me about a COVID situation he was managing at home, and we both agreed to follow safety protocols. I stepped up as my AOQ duties call me to do.

I took this opportunity to get back to my routine in the gloom and cease the moment to pay tribute to my FIL in my beatdown. Hedgehog said afterwards that God works in mysterious ways, so this may have been him working to lay a healing hand on me.

One minute warning was announced.

Mission and Disclaimer was given. Thanked my fellow PAX for the love and support they provided me over the last week. I had a music playlist consisting of my FIL’s favorite tunes, including the Eagles, Meatloaf and other movie soundtrack theme songs. I explained that Dad was 71 years old when he passed away and I was going to utilize that number of reps throughout the beatdown.


71- Hairy Rockettes IC (WOW!!)

20- Shoulder Taps IC

20- TTTs IC

20- LBACs IC

11- LBACs IR IC (the last 4 set or exercises = 71 reps)

71- SSHs IC

The Thang

Mosey to the cross. Stopped for a minute to say a quick prayer for my FIL and my fellow PAX. We continued to mosey and stopped at 1) cross, 2) middle of parking lot in back of church, 3) COP and 4) back to cross and did the follow set of exercises- 4 rounds:

1st Round

Cross- 20 Merkins IC

Parking Lot- 20 Merkins IC

COP- 20 Merkins

Back to Cross- 11 Merkins (totals 71 reps)

Before I started the next round of 71 rep exercises, I advised that we can modify up or down, and those who wanted to mosey ahead could do the exercise of their choice until all PAX completed the round. Pikachu interjected that we stick with our PAX, O’Douls. Of course, all listened 🙂 Thank you for the support brotha!

2nd Round

Cross- 20 2 ct. Flutters IC

Parking Lot- 20 2 ct. Flutters IC

COP- 20 2 ct. Flutters IC

Back to Cross- 11 2ct Flutters (totals 71 reps)

3rd Round

Cross- 20 Dry Docks IC

Parking Lot- 20 Dry Docks IC

COP- 20 Dry Docks IC

Back to Cross- 11 Dry Docks IC (totals 71 reps)

4th Round

Cross- 20 Tempo Squats IC

Parking Lot- 20 Tempo Squats IC

COT- 20 Tempo Squats IC

Back to Cross- 11 Tempo Squats IC(totals 71 reps)

Mosey back to COT



71- Hello Dollies IC

Stretching OYO




Announcements- Shieldlock challenge, Virtual Safehouse AO, check out Third F channel for many initiatives going on through FS GS and FS Nation, 2/4- Freed to Bleed, 2/17 3 year Catapult anniversary Q by Rousey and Flop, 2/24- Passing of AOQ torch to First Base… after wards, Crop Duster asked to Q, so his VQ scheduled on 2/22! Way to step up!

I took this opportunity again to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support

I prayed us out focusing on God to look over my family on how to navigate the future without my FIL’s physical presence, Hedgehog’s stepmother Bonnie

As always, it’s an honor to lead, especially getting back out in the gloom today! Much needed release for myself.


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