Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

Iron Pax Challenge Week 2

Workout Date:



Iron PAX


Flash, Hamburglar, Franklin, Snips(BDay), Madoff (DR Kernersville), Headgear, Valvano, Billboard, Wolverine, OneCall, Varsity, Karma, Disconnect

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: 77 degrees. 95% Humidity.  Clear


IronPAX Challenge Week 2

1 Minute Warning

Disclaimer by Headgear

Assumed that PAX warmed up on their own

Grab Your Blocks

“Meatloaf’s Massacre”

—4 Rounds—

With Standard 35 lb CinderBlock (We weighed a few)

*Manmakers x10

*Overhead Press x20

*KettleBell (Block) Swings x30

*Goblet Squats x40

*Incline Block Merkins *50

**Run 1600M(R1), 1200M(R2), 800m(R3), 400m(R4)** No block for the run.


All were smoked.  Hamburglar finished first with 48:30, Flash 2nd.  YHC at 55:30.   Many PAX had to hard stop at 0600 and modified the workout as needed.  YHC and other PAX brought extra blocks but we were still a couple short.  Great to have #Madoff in from F3 Kernersville.  He was looking forward to this workout but not sure if he knew what he was stepping into.  He crushed it.  Hamburglar and Flash smoked everyone.  Franklin and Snips pushed through to the end.


Snips turned 49 today!  Happy Birthday!

Snips reminded all PAX that anyone wanting to support the Hurricane victims should do so through a reputable organization such as Samaritans Purse.  Shelter is having to be made for donations as they come in so it is better to let some of these organizations coordinate.

Prayers for Hamburglar’s 2.0, Tater Tot, who broke his arm last week.

-Great Work by all #HIM!

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