75 & SUNNY

75 & SUNNY

Workout Date:





Pikachu, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: Warm & Sunny, 22 degrees

Yesterday YHC saw that the Q sheet was open for Catapult. So without hesitation, YHC signed up. As YHC perused the Q sheet he also spotted an open spot at Timeshare this week, too, so YHC took it! #LookOut!! YHC didn’t check the weather though until sometime later to discover that the unseasonal respite we have enjoyed was over and the mercury was projected to fall into the teens. That’s exciting!! Heck some F3Nation AOs across the fruited plain work out in sub-zero temps!! What better way to motivate oneself and others by enticing them to a workout that will be “75* and Sunny”, instead, of frigid & in the gloom. #PowerofPositiveThinking. YHC let all the PAX know via Twitter & Slack that Catapult would not be participating in the deep freeze and instead would be enjoying a summer Beatdown even if it only existed in our minds!

Now that our minds were right, YHC still needed to come up with a worthy Catapult Beatdown #NOBupees. With the phrase “75 & Sunny” firmly swirling around my fertile mind, YHC put pencil to paper and roughed out a Wienke  . . . Read on to enjoy what you have missed, unless you are named Pikachu because he was the only PAX brave enough to post in the Gloom which could mean only a few things: (1) He didn’t know that YHC was on Q; (2) His weather app is on the fritz; (3) He’s subconsciously avoiding working out at the Village until his Q; or more likely than not . .  .(4) He is a stone cold BEAST!!

5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 15 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Merkins; 15 Tempo Squats; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey to Large Parking Lot


Seven T Five” – as we mosey’s around the AO we would periodically stop for Exercises.  The 1st Exercise was for 7 reps IC and 2nd Exercise was for 5 reps IC

Stop #1  – BBS & Freddy Mercury’s


Stop #2 –  Alternating Shoulder Taps & Alternating Punch Throughs


Stop #3 –  Lunges & Reverse Lunges


Stop #4 – Mountain Climbers & Plank Jacks


Stop # 5 – Overhead Press & Tricep Ext. with coupon

Stop #6 –  Curls & Bent Over Rows with coupon


Stop #7 – Superman & Peter Parkers

We completed a full lap of the AO  by the last 2 exercises then proceeded to mosey to Large Parking Lot.


S – 15 Squats IC

U – 15 Up-Hops IC (Choppy Feet w/ 4 Count SSH in between)

N – 15 Never Cross Dolly IC

N – 15 No Surrenders IC

Y – Yul Brynners – 2 sets = 14 various Merkins

Victory Mile – 3 Laps around the AO . . . “Let’s do one lap . . .That wasn’t too bad, Let’s do another . . .Well we’re at 2/3rd  of mile . . .might as well do another lap and complete a full mile . . .DONE!!!” . .  . You’re welcome Pikachu!!

3 Minutes of Stretching

6:15 Time Called!

Announcements: Pikachu is on Q for the Village this Thursday!! Its his 1st time to the Village so show your support!!!; 365 Day Bible Reading – Check Slack for Details; Brown Bag’s 1st Full Day as Nant’an!!


Moleskin: Pikachu is a Beast and a HIM. He did not want to take the chance that YHC would be all alone this a.m. so he skipped a visit to the Village and supported YHC #LivingThird. Thank you.



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