76 Burpees for Independence Day or not

76 Burpees for Independence Day or not

Workout Date:





Jello (Q), Beaker, Darth, Viagra, Bueller, Dory, FIFA (2.0 FNG), Kung Fu Panda (FNG)

The Thang:

Last summer, I had posted while on vacation in North Myrtle Beach at Timeshare. I remember we did a very challenging BOMBS workout and some beach work. I was tired. I’m glad I went – I got better!

A few weeks ago, I had Q’d at Peak 51 in South Charlotte. Instead of BOMBS, I went with BRRS (Burpees, Rosalitas, Rocky Balboas, and Squats). I knew that I would be running the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) in September with several of the PAX. While this was a good workout, I had so many other things in mind and we ran out of time.

Which brought me to the workout on July 3rd. I had initially thought of having this as the “Leftover workout” to cover everything that I didn’t. But, I was reminded that our great Country was founded in 1776. So what if we did 76 burpees?

I stroll in at 5:15 with my best friend Joe and his 9 year old son, Tyler. I was a little concerned if Tyler could hang. But, I ran with him and Joe the day before and Tyler was fine. His old man, hmmm…

Proper disclaimer was given and we were off to McLean Park by Hoskins. Shameless plug: Great Meat and 3 and I love the Peanut Butter pie.

Warm up:


13-IC Imperial Walker

13-IC Windmill


7-IC Good mornings

10 Burpees OYO

After the first 10 Burpees, I thought to myself, “No Way on the 76 burpees”.

Main Thang…

Instructions were given that we would be running around the pond.

Lap 1 – At each corner we would stop and do 13 Jump Squats own. Quick Plank count to 30 secs to recover.

Lap 2 – At each corner we would do 13 Squats. However, we ran counter clockwise and threw in some grapevine legs. Gave everyone a quick 10 count to recover.

Lap 3 – At each corner we would do everybody’s favorite – 13 Monkey Humpers.

Plank. Right leg up, right leg down. Left leg up, left leg down. Left Arm Up, Left Arm down. Right Arm Up, Right Arm Down.

10 Burpees OYO


At that point, we headed over to the picnic shelter.

We started off with some Katie Boren’s. No, these aren’t in the Exicon yet. My daughter lover her Ballet and Dancing. Katie Boren is a Ballerina with ABT (American Ballet Theater) and a workout beast! She starts each morning off with 30 second Plank against a wall, 30 second mountain climber, and 30 second rest.  So we gave this a try (without the wall) and repeat 3x.

Then we grabbed some picnic table benches. 13 dips OYO, then inchworm (crawl) out to plank, and hold 6 inches for 13 seconds. Repeat 3x

10 burpees on your own.

Then we headed close by to some nice wet grass. I think the Humidity in Charlotte is pretty high. The beach is a different level! Time for some Mary…

13 Flutter Kicks (4 count)

13 Freddie Mercuries

13 Heels to heaven

13 Rosalitas


Run back to starting point. Finito (well, kinda)!


I think I read about a 5k in Little River on July 4th. But, now I can’t find it! Uggh.

On Tuesday nights there will be a F3 Dads workout at Carolina Forest. Bring your kiddos and have fun.

COT:  Glad to take us out.


I bailed on the 76 burpees pretty early. And I’m glad I did, because before COT, I had a chance to earn my Patch by doing 32 burpees and getting quizzed on F3. I say I got a C on the quiz and a C- on Burpee form. But, I passed!

Hindsight 20/20 – I wish I would have thrown in 76 air presses. That would have been cool.

As for the FNGs… I’ve known Kung Fu Panda (KFP) aka Joe since we were kids. I’ll never forget playing football at a neighbor’s house, being in Band, playing mini-golf, and getting in trouble (but not too much). Yes, Joe did Kung Fu as a kid and I accidently found out when we were in High School.  His son, Tyler, is big into Soccer and quite the little athlete. Thanks for coming out and hope F3 expands to Erie, PA.

Truly, love this F3 thing we do. I travel to another City and a find a bunch of great guys getting up crazy early, trying to be a better husband, father, and citizen. Each of us take a step, challenge yourself to do better, and go make a difference! #letfreedomring

I look forward to posting with you on future trips to North Myrtle Beach.

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