’80s Party at The Village

’80s Party at The Village

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


El Red Cardo, Sade, Castaway, Tiny Dancer, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

77* Calm winds and high humidity

A week ago YHC noticed that July 30th was open at The Village on the Q sheet. Let’s get after it!

One minute warning, a disclaimer. 0530 we’re off!



20 TempoSquats IC

10 Very slow Windmills IC

20 Imperial Walkers IC


20 LBAC in reverse IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

20 AirPress in Squat Position IC


Mosey’d to Coupon Pile


Took coupons and dropped them off at the Basketball Court


Queued up the music. Playlist kicked off with The Beastie Boys, You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Party. The rest of the playlist was just like being at a Frat Party in the ’80s.


Hopped the fence to the playground


All held plank while 1 PAX at a time did 5 pullups


Back to the basketball court. The original idea was a Dora but 5 is a weird number for Dora so quick change of plan.


30 Blockies – did 3 sets of 10 at the far end and then mosey’d to the wall for a 30-second wall sit

60 Upright rows – did 3 sets of 20 SC at the far end and then mosey’d to the wall for a 30-second wall sit

90 Curls – did 3 sets of 30 SC and held plank in between with a 5 Merkin each ring of fire


7’s with Overhead Press and Big Boy Sit Ups


Returned Coupons and circled up for a round of Mary


There was a little plastic boat at the imaginary shovel flag so we passed it around. Whoever had the boat called out the exercise.


Sade – Dying Cockroach

Castaway – LBC’s

Tiny Dancer – Flutters

Brown Bag – American Hammers

El Red Cardo – Heels to Heaven

Brown Bag – Mosey

Tiny Dancer – Long Range Flutters




Great work by all!


We were drenched!


Honor to Lead!








YHC prayed us out


Brown Bag


Over and out


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