Sore beatdown with the boys.

Sore beatdown with the boys.

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Headgear, Franklin, Wolverine, Fergie, Backdraft

The Thang:

Beautiful morning 70 ish with low to medium humidity.

pre run I was doing sprint work on the track when abouts 5:10 ish Franklin rolls out and heads through the park. Great to see him back at the early morning run.

in all honesty I didn’t expect many people to show up this morning due to the brutality of the Murph yesterday.
I know it was tough and I am super sore and linked up this morning.
So I thought hey…. I won’t beat everyone down, with a tough Q I’ll let them decide. Boy was I wrong.
I love the push form some of these guys today, At warthog, THE BEST AO! We will not let you stew in normality and waste away we don’t care how sore you are. You get out here…. we will make you better.

The Thang…..

no FNGs small disclaimer given and off we went

btw back in our normal meeting spot at Forbus Ct.


25 SSH

5 burpees

15 Imperial walkers.

22 merkins OYO

5 burpees

15 tempo squat

20 LbAC forward

20 LbAC revers

10 OHP in squat position.

Track Indian run.

Mosey over to small parking lot.

Pax’s choice 10 reps /20 depends on pax’s.

Start with round 1 run up to end of parking lot

Round 2 / repeat round 1 same choice of round 1 followed by second choice run, rinse and repeat.


Go till time or go till the end.

  1. 10 burpees
  2. 20 LBC
  3. 10 burpees
  4. Temp squat 10
  5. 10 merkins
  6. 10 box cutters

Ended with some abs

20 flutters

20 BB

10 pretzel crunches

Headed back to AO

Announcements and prayers.

Prayers for Backdrafts new baby boy that’s on the way.

And prey for the city of Myrtle beach and all the craziness around use. That people would look to Christ instead of the mayhem going around.

Always an Honor to lead.
May you chisel your victories in the stone and write your worries in the sand.


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