A Few Weeks Off Then Back To Q

A Few Weeks Off Then Back To Q

Workout Date:





Rousey, Franklin, Bling, Hoser, Jingles (respect), Mayhem (Camden respect), Lombardi, Podcast, FNG Uber, Beaker, FNG Sweatpants, Screaming Eagle, Ballboy (Columbia), Jiggawhat (Greensboro), Windmill (Columbia respect)

The Thang:

80 Degrees ish and slightly humid

YHC has been absent from F3 for a few weeks due to just being slack and using work as an excuse.  But thanks to Lombardi and always making sure I have a place on the Q sheet, it was time to make it back.  I rolled in the parking lot at 6:30 and got introduced to Rousey and Podcast working on some bad a$$ self defense work.  I quickly realized that Rousey is not someone to mess with.  By about 6:50 I started to see ruckers reappear and pax roll in.

One minute warning given then it was time for the disclaimer

– Quick lap (or half a lap according to Bling) around the track and then circle up
– SSH x 20
– Imperial Squat Walker x 10
– CDD x 20
– Temp Squat x 15
– Merkin x 20
– Arm Circles
– Toy Soldiers x 15

Mosey to Bridge
YHC hates bear crawls so it time for a fun alternative…..   Partner Wheel Barrows were called

Mosey to Valor
– Clock Merkins on Curb x 5 rounds
– Dora in field (100 merkins, 200 lbc, 300 squats) 1 burpee on each run down
– Ring of fire (LBC and Merkin)  Somehow the pax can’t count.  LBC round was 14 Pax but we grew to 16 Pax for merkins

Mosey to Playground
– 50/50: 50 pull ups and 50 pax choice with partner
– All pax mary with 14 exercises (Bling and Hoser were skipped because they were up to something)

It was a pleasure to lead and based on some comments, I believe everyone got better.  I’ve missed my brothers in the gloom and I commit to being back out on a regular basis.  It was also great to have two new brothers join us: Alston Prince “F3 Sweatpants” and Okie Benton “F3 Uber”.

Prayers lifted for Windmill’s co-worker and her 10 year old who was just diagnosed with leukemia.
Prayer lifted for Pertplus and family as they continue to work through the adoption process in Africa.
Prayers lifted for Little Nob, Geno, and family as Little Nob gets checked into the Citadel this weekend.

F3 pelicans game is the 27th and is free to any pax and family.  Thanks to Lombardi and Rubber for organizing and getting the tickets donated from Tire Town.  Reach out to your AO Q or Lombardi to register.
Project whetstone is in effect but it isn’t too late to sign up, contact Podcast for more info.



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