A Good Test

A Good Test

Workout Date:





BeefSteak, BrownBag(R), Quaker(R), CrossStitch, BillyBlanks(2.0), Spork, Sanka(FNG), Humpback, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad


Conditions:  Clear and a cool 55 degrees.


Enjoying some good fellowship and coffee at Tidal Creek Brewhouse after the Halloween convergence at Warthog this past weekend and watching Humpback and Jeter put the EH on the server/barista.  It didn’t take much and he said he was in for Big Monday so we checked the Qsheet to see that BombSquad was open for Monday!  That can’t be.  BeefSteak has been doing a great job as AOQ and he typically has the Q sheet filled but he was waiting on the PAX to step up for November.  Humpback is Q’ing BombSquad on Wednesday, Jeter is at the Academy this week and Shoeless, still wearing his tutu, is brand new to F3, so YHC jumped in to take the Q.   Wasn’t sure if this dude was going to show up but he said he did track and field at CCU and he still looked fit, so I better bring a good Q!  


2 minute warning





Mosey 1 lap

Mission of F3 – To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  


SSH x15 IC

IW x15 IC

HB x15 IC

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC


Burpees x10


5 Core Principles while doing these:


Reverse x15 IC

Cherry Pickers x15 IC

SealClaps x15 IC

Overhead Press x15 IC

Burpees x10


Mosey to bleachers 

Burpees x10

Step ups x100 OYO

Burpees x10

Mosey 1 full lap

Burpees x10

StepUps x75 OYO

Burpees x10

Mosey 1 short lap

Burpees x10

StepUps x50 OYO

Burpees x10

Mosey 1 short lap

Burpees x10

StepUps x25 OYO

Burpees x10

Mosey back to the flag



FNG – Isaac, from San Antonio. Decathlete at CCU. Graduated in May. He’s on his way to becoming a Physical Therapist.  Currently a morning manager at Tidal Creek Brewhouse.   Suggested names were Gunther, Folgers, Bruce Jenner and then Quaker throws out Sanka.  Sanka fits since it was a brand of instant coffee and also the name of one of the Jamaican Bobsled crew which was made up of track athletes.   Sanka it is!  Welcome!

Announcements – Chad 1000x on Nov 13, Warbird Park.   Plantation Lakes Turkey Trot 5k and Fun Run.  F3 Football League kicking off in December.  F3 Christmas party, Dec 11 at Waterway Palms. BrownBag’s Birthday Q at Catapult on 11-11.  

Prayers – Humpbacks Father and Grandfather for health.  Valvano’s dad and Snip’s dad who will have surgeries coming up.  


Big Monday is always a great time.  With Halloween being last night, YHC didn’t know what type of numbers to expect.  A little jab earlier to BeefSteak for the Q Sheet but truly he’s been doing a great job as AOQ here at BombSquad!  The step ups might have seemed a bit excessive but we have PAX across F3 GrandStrand and F3 Nation getting ready for the Chad 1000x WOD so we need all the prep we can get.  The burpees were just a bonus!  T-Claps to Humpback for throwing the Emotional Headlock on our FNG, now known as Sanka!  Some of the PAX asked that Sanka come back and post again just so we can have someone to compete with CandyCane!  Sanka did say this was a “good test”.  The rest of us were smoked so we’re glad we got him to breathe a little hard at least.   Apparently, Spork and Quaker still had plenty of energy left and ran a mile after the beatdown!  BillyBlanks gave his dad a little jab for forgetting something but YHC is old too and doesn’t remember what CrossStitch forgot.   Fist bump to BrownBag who showed up before the 2 minute warning today!  He is also one of those that always gets after it!  Wonder what he has in store for the Catapult PAX for his birthday Q!    For YHC, this week will be 3 years of first posting in the #gloom at #Warthog!  I am thankful for all of you!  It’s always an honor to lead!  

-Headgear out!


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