A lap around the block, with some blocks.

A lap around the block, with some blocks.

Workout Date:



Drifter and Baggage


Cross Stitch, Spork, Quaker, Jetah, Zap, ERC, Pierogi, Rousey, Teddy Toe Touch, Einstein, Texas Ranger, Rubber, Candy Cane, Doughboy, Lombardi, Slaughter

The Thang:

Cross Stitch is always coming up with new and exciting ways to keep the AO fresh. His latest idea was to encourage Co-Qs, with a theme. A pax takes a Q alongside the Pax who first EH’d them and introduced them to F3.

YHC (Baggage) was lucky enough to become pretty good friends with a guy we all know as Drifter over the past year. One time we were piloting an airplane and got to talking about non-flying things. This might have been that time we were flying at night, over the mountains, around thunderstorms and probably looking for reasons to talk about anything other than the fact that we were in a small airplane, at night, over the mountains, in the vicinity of thunderstorms. We got on the topic of working out. I mentioned that I have been working out with a group called F3 and mentioned the 5 core principles. Drifter seemed intrigued and mentioned he is already used to waking up early to work out, but typically goes at it solo in his garage. I invited him to work out and eventually he reached out asking for the when/where. He has since become a very reliable and solid member of F3 and has contributed so much to the group throughout the past year.

Drifter and YHC are both signed up for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon this weekend. To avoid creating new injuries or worsening existing ones right before the race we decided we needed to take it easy today. We put our original idea (10 miles and 200 burpees in 45 minutes) on the shelf for the next time Cross Stitch asks us to Q.

We had 18 Pax present at 5:15, including pax from the Charlotte region (The mothership) so we knew we couldn’t screw this one up. Proper one minute warning was given as well as a very thorough disclaimer since we knew corporate was in the house.

We started with a warmup, SSH, Through the Tunnel, Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Little Baby Arm Circles, and Air Press

After that Baggage took the lead on Qing some upper body. Off to the coupon pile to hit up a set of Curls, Block Swings, Overhead Press and Around the World Merkins x 10. After YHC called for ”Around the World Merkins x 10” Drifter complimented me by saying something along the lines of ”good job man, they already hate us and I haven’t even started my part yet.”

Drifter then took the Q to the big parking lot to lead some lower body exercises through 4 corners, with decreasing reps over each lap. We did some squats, LBCs, Bobby Hurleys and Lunges going from 20-15-10-5.

Jetah caught on to the pattern and after completing 5 reps of each said ”I bet you 5 bucks that was the last lap and now we are down to 0.” I almost flexed my Q authority to modify the plan and add an additional lap just so I could take his 5 bucks, but decided to ignore him instead.

It was back to the coupon pile and time to do some additional exercises. Chest press flutter kicks, Block Swings, Colt 21 and 5 Blockees, followed by a rifle carry to return the coupons back to the pile.

Our Co-Q had an anticipated timeline that we had not stuck too so by this point we were winging it. We ended up going back to the circle for some dora-Mary-whatever we call it. We started with Rubber to get the ”Rubber Flutters” out of the way but instead he gave us something just as painful for the abs that also included balancing which made it worse. We continued to the circle getting some ab work in until we took it right to the buzzer.

It was a great start to the morning and we were both thankful for the opportunity to lead and for all the pax who came out to partake.

Annoucements: Halloween convergence coming up as well as Rios. Check Slack for info.

Prayers were given, including many unspoken.