A little bit of this, a little bit of that

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

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Bling, Lombardi, Hoser, Headgear, Boxcar, High Interest, Disconnect, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Mid 30s. Cool

Bling has kicked out butts lately with PT.  I heard Hoser did too on NY Day, but unfortunately had to miss that one.  So it was time to keep up the pattern and go back to our initial ruck training roots of Pathfinder.  We would do miles and then solid PT.

We rucked to the planes and back.  8 men.  7 bags.  40, 40, 60, 60, 60, 80, 100.  After the 100, take a break.  Wanted to get everyone under the 100.  It sucks.  Especially for Soto who is 140.  All I got to say is that there was never a second of hesitation. Everyone got a turn and everyone pushed it hard.  We did .3 miles at a time with weight swaps.  We went basically to the planes, but to keep distances fair, stopped a bit short, dropped all, did 22 merkins in front of the planes to remember our Veterans, and also our active military as an uncertain future faces them right now.

We then went back to the KB field for PT again alternating every .3 miles so everyone had a turn!

Partner up – Bling/Hoser; YHC/Lombardi; Headgear/Disconnect; Boxcar/High Interest

Station 1 – rucks on; burpee with a 60 lb sandbag up and drop for partner.  10 each
Station 2 – rucks on; 30 x 100lb deadlifts for P1; 15 x 40lb thrusters for P2.  Switch
Station 3 – rucks off; each partner clean and press throw a 60 lber.  10x.  Bear crawl back to your ruck.  Put it on.  Bear crawl with ruck now back to bag.  Same clean and press throw it back!  Hoser and Bling as our resident animals threw these the furthest.  Of course, some might say work smarter not harder
Station 4 – rucks on; 40lber.  P1 2 lunges, 2 squats.  Switch bag.  P2 does it.  Keep alternating.  10 sets each out, and 10 sets each back.

Timing wasn’t bad, but will need to be improved for next time.  Very strong work by all!

We then did a variety of movements back and forth including, farmers carries, bear crawl ruck drag, OH hold, 1 arm OH hold, sandbag drag relay, and other things that generally hurt

We also did 20 Squats IC, 22 merkins again, 20 Flutters IC, and 15 BBSU.

Overall, we all did a lot of work and it was lots of fun and hard and tiring and I am sleepy.


Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests for HI and the day
Prayer requests for us as parents and husbands
Prayer requests for our country
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great morning men!!!  Wouldn’t have been able to do half this stuff without the strength of this group!

– #3rdF Intentional Parenting started last night and will go for next 4 Tuesdays; looking for a leader for next study after this one concludes.  It was a great discussion!
– #3rdF Every Man a Warrior study starts this Thursday at 0515 at #Village in doors with coffee led by Vitamin D
– Maybe Q Source is started maybe at Warthog maybe on Tuesdays maybe in 2 weeks.  Per SOTO.  #StillFiguringItOut #WayToCommit


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