A Little UNC-dook History Lesson

A Little UNC-dook History Lesson

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Dough Boy, CrossStitch, Quaker (R), Rousey (R), Headgear, Baggage, Elmers (R), Lombardi (R), Beefsteak, ERC, Einstein, Brown Bag (R), Sunshine, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

After having to swap my last #BombSquad Q when I landed on IR #DisneyFlu, YHC was excited to make the trek north and hopefully supply a worthy beatdown. The #BombSquad crew has been getting after it recently with pre-runs and rucks daily and that was the case again today. YHC pulled in at about 0505 to a good crowd of cars and PAX arriving back to the AO for a quick breather before beatdown got started.

Having been born along Tobacco Road and raised by two UNC grads in the heart of ACC country in the great state of NC, YHC is still caught off guard by the lack of ACC basketball knowledge amongst the PAX #SECCountry #FootballSchools #AreTheyThough? Anyways, a historical game has lined up for this Saturday evening in the NCAA Tournament – UNC vs dook (yep, that’s how its spelled). The greatest rivalry in sports meeting for the first time in history in the NCAA Tournament. In the Final Four. In Coach K’s last season. In Hubert Davis’ first season. After UNC ruined Coach K’s farewell tour a few weeks ago at Cameron Indoor Stadium. You get the idea, its a big game. With all of that in mind, YHC planned the beatdown around some historical facts from the rivalry.


SSH x 30 IC
TTT x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 10 IC
LBAC, Reverse, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps all x 12 IC

Mosey to the coupon pile to grab a coupon of choice and regroup along the white fence in the far parking lot.

Fact 1: UNC and dook’s campuses are located a mere 8 miles apart as the crow flies, but its an 11 mile drive from the Dean Dome to Cameron Indoor Stadium.
11’s with Carolina Dry Docks and Bobby Hurleys (Suicides Ladders were run across the parking lot between sets)

Fact 2: The drive is along Hwy 15-501 AKA Tobacco Road
15 Burpees OYO
1 Ladder run

Fact 3: UNC leads the all-time record against dook 142-115
1 set of 42 Merkins OYO
1 Ladder run
1 set of 15 BBSU OYO

Fact 4: UNC has won the NCAA Championship 6 times and reached the Final Four 20 times. dook is at 5 Championships and 16 Final Fours.
5 sets of 20 coupon curls & 16 coupon tricep extensions followed by a Ladder run
1 additional set of 20 curls for UNC’s extra Championship
For this round, the ladders were shortened by 1 rung for time

Coupons were then returned to the pile, but there was time for Fact 5: UNC has the all-time record of 130 NCAA Tournament wins (going for #31 on Saturday)
1 set of 31 Makhtar N’Diayes

Time Called!

Announcements: Jeter’s Over the Edge fundraiser, April 23rd scavenger hunt, new low-impact AO to be opened by Kiwi soon
Prayers: Sunshine unspoken