A slight reprieve BB 7/5/18

A slight reprieve BB 7/5/18

Workout Date:



The Thang:

I had an epic beatdown planned. Really I did.  But,  those sound good the afternoon before.  The morning of,  not so much.  I relented from my mental Weinke and modified.  The 4 other PAX were none the wiser as sweat angels were made.

The disclaimer was given,  and we began.


2 burpees,  SSH,  2 burpees,  Imperial walkers,  2 burpees, arm circles forward/reverse/cherry pickers,  2 burpees, TTT,  2 burpees, windmills,  and 2 burpees. Burpees seem easier when taking small bites,  and I saw great form.


Mosey to Big Lots for a 4 corner elevator.

10 jump squats,  move to corner 2 add 20 2 count skiers to the JS,  move to corner e adding 30 2 count plank jacks,  and finally the top for 40 2 count standing jacks.  You went up so got to come down by reversing and ending at 10 jump squats.

Mosey to our version of a hill.  Run up do 10 squats,  down for 20 and so on until a final set of 40.

We returned to Big Lots where I clued them in today was leg day.  A big 4 corners as we ran the entire perimeter.  10 2 count mt. climbers move corner 2 add 10 jump squats,  corner 3 add 10 2 count plank jacks,  and end at corner 4 with 10 2 count skiers.

Mosey back to SF for a new (at least to me) exercise.  I called it ab-athalon since it was a 3 exercise combination.  I called cadence for each and we tried it.

5 big boy sit ups straight to 10 4 count flutter kicks and immediately into 15 LBCs. Rinse and repeat because of time,  but I saw MUCHO discomfort at the ab-athalon!


Grunt had acquaintance to pass away.  Tag Team had a procedure done.  Thank God for living in the US!

I prayed us out.



Grunt,  High Cotton (Respect),  Tag Team,  Dooley, and Barney (QIC)






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