A ‘Tension’ Please

A ‘Tension’ Please

Workout Date:





Kiwi (2x R), First Base, O'Douls (AOQ), Crabs, Pikachu, Candy Cane, Laces, Flatliner, Hedgehog (Q)

The Thang:

Conditions: 75, felt good

Fist bumped all PAX and my gloves were RIPE.

1 Minute Warning.

F3 Misson.


The Warmup (COP)

  • SSH x15 IC
  • TTT x15 IC
  • Harry Rockettes x15 IC
  • LBACs x15 IC hold
  • LBACs (Reverse) x15 IC hold
  • Chinooks x15 IC hold

The beginning of tension… Got into plank position and did a ?Modified Merkin Waterfall? We did 5 rounds adding a merkin each round while holding plank position. Started with 1 merkin and built up to 5 merkins. 15 merkins total while holding plank position in between.

Moseyed to big parking lot where we painted some of the lines. Backward Mosey, Karaoke, Walking Lunges, Red Light / Green Light Bear Crawl, Jail Break then continued mosey around baseball field to the coupon pile.

Took coupons to parking lot adjacent to pile for the Beatdown

The Beatdown

“Not many people understand what a pump is. It must be experienced to be understood. It is the greatest feeling that I get. I search for this pump because it means that that my muscles will grow when I get it. I get a pump when the blood is running into my muscles. They become really tight with blood. Like the skin is going to explode any minute. It’s like someone putting air in my muscles. It blows up. It feels fantastic.”~Arnold Schwarzenegger

I decided to focus on proper form and time under tension today to really have the PAX feel a good pump.

What we focused on-

  • Curls: Full repetition with a bicep flex at the top of the rep and slow negative
  • Triceps Extension: Keeping elbows close together and slow negative
  • Bent Over Row: Feeling the shoulder blades squeeze together as you row up and slow negative

Did each exercise in cadence x15 to really get the correct feeling.

We rolled all of our learnings together into a wonderful, well accepted Tabata Mix Version of Happier. Pikachu told us how wild it was because he was listening to this song on the way to the beatdown this morning. The song had multiple 30 second countdowns in it and we performed a rotation of the above exercises during “go” and did over head presses during the “break”. We spent almost 5 minutes under tension, Arnold would have been proud.

Went for short mosey and returned to blocks for our leg portion of the beatdown.

10 count.

We focused on-

  • Squats: feet shoulder width apart, knees stay behind toes, back is straight, lower down to block
  • Calf Raises: 2 second count at top of raise, slow negative

Wanted to do each exercise in cadence x15 to really get the correct feeling. However, my mouth was dry and we were running short on time. Jumped right into it.

Didn’t want to let Pikachu leave wanting more Tabata so I fired up the Shape of You mix. It was fire and was loved by all. We did squats and calf raises during “go” and actually took a break during “break”

Moseyed down to concession stand and back, then returned coupons.

Mary (under tension): Rubber Kicks x 15 IC, 6″ raise for 60 seconds

Time Called

Stretch: Led by YHC

Count-O-Rama: 9

Name-O-Rama (with camera light on)



  • 10 Year Anniversary
  • Freed to Bleed 10/29
  • New 3rd F Prayer group possibility on Tuesday mornings
  • Excited about 3rd F ideas during holidays
  • Continue to EH… everyone get one person.

Prayer Requests:

Kiwi traveling to Clemson and Appalachian St this weekend. Safe travels! Prayers for Will and his bid to his frat. And to all of the unspoken, we ask for Your guidance and lift up our praise!

Honored to Lead and thanks for the support.


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