A Three Dog Night

A Three Dog Night

Workout Date:



Papa Smurf


Softshell, Heisenburg (Respect), Flossy, Pluffmud (Respect), Progresso, Papa Smurf (Respect 3x)

The Thang:

Conditions: 32*, clear, cold & frosty

Yes, it was a “three dog night” when YHC’s alarm chimed at 0430. But Papa survived the night with his “two dogs.” Didn’t take Mac/Maggie (English Springer Spaniels) long to take care of business. Three layers of cold weather gear,  my Grande Java and out the door I went.

Pulled into the park, shovel flag in hand (planted) and bean juice in the other. Hit the lights, climbed back in truck to finish my Weinke & Java. Started to worry about the PAX, but they started pulling in about 0520.

1 minute warning was given

At 0530, the DISCLAIMER was given


SSH x 25 IC

Windmills x 25 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Bat Wings: Arm Cir (fwd) x 15 IC

Arm Cir (rev) x 15 IC

Air Presses x 15 IC

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC

Toy Soldier to basketball court

Jack Webb

Up the ladder to 5ct and back down.

The Thang

Let the Pax know that YHC was taking them on his pre-run warm-up 1.8 mile course that I start at 0500. Added was about 10 stations with drills at each one.

#1 Flutter Kicks x 20 IC

#2 Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

#3 Mt Climbers x 20 IC

#4 Incline Merkins x 15 OYO, Dips x 20 OYO

#5 Monkey Humps X 20 IC  (while facing Hwy #17 traffic passing by)

#6 Heel raises x 20 OYO

#7 LBC x 20 IC

#8 Burpees  x 10 OYO

#9 BBSU x 20 IC

#10 Squats x 20 IC

Return t o “park” in the gloom!



Count-O-Rama 6


Prayer request/praises-Pluffmud’s son’s 1 year anniversary & Papa Smurf’s 34th anniversary to his M.



Christmas Party & Christmas sweater beatdown!!


Papa Smurf


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