A Village Beatdown from Down Under

A Village Beatdown from Down Under

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Crankbait, Brown Bag, Sunshine, Rubber, Launchpad, Teddy Toe Touch (Kotter), The Choice, Weezer, El Redcardo, Hot Tub, The Bachelor (FNG), Vitamin D, Cobra Kai (FNG), Buffett

The Thang:

14 Pax, including 2 FNGs and a Kotter rolled up to the Village for a Thursday beatdown courtesy of YHC.  It was great to see Weezer back out, after his FNG appearance Tuesday.  The Choice has posted consistently since his Kotter comeback last month.  2 full shield lock teams were present and were prepared for a beatdown.

1 minute warning

Complete disclaimer given

Warmed up with :

SSH IC x20

TTT IC x 15

Windmill IC x 15

IW IC x 20

Merkins IC x 15

Burpees OYO x 5

Merkins IC x 22


Partner up and grab a block from the coupon pile.  We moseyed with our blocks to the benches near the front entrance.  Today’s beatdown was inspired by one of my Australian Co-workers, who challenged me to bring her “boxing gym’s” workout to “the F3 boys”.  We were up to the challenge.

1 Partner exercise, while the other runs a lap around the entire lot, counting DORA style:

70 Step Ups

70 Merkins

70 Block Swings

70 LBCs with Block

70 Squats

The Pax crushed round 1.  We then circled up for a round of Colt 45s with the blocks.

Rinse and Repeat the 70 x 5 reps

Circled up for another round of Colt 45s.  Arms were swoll at this point and we racked up the blocks.


Moseyed to the shovel flag for a quick round of Mary.

Flutters IC x 20

Box Cutters IC x 20

American Hammers IC x 20

Time called


Count-o-rama = 14

Welcome FNGs “Cobra Kai” (mixed martial arts background, aspiring personal trainer) and “The Bachelor” (recently single).  The pax felt “Will You Accept This Rose” was a little too long for a nickname.  One anonymous pax responded #Jealous, when he announced he was recently single.  His identity will be kept secret for his own protection.


Great push by all!  Great numbers for a Thursday (Warthog = 14, Village = 14, Catapult = 16, didn’t see a count for the others, but strong I’m sure).  Keep EHing.  Don’t forget to keep the FNGs and Kotters engaged, now that you’ve gotten them out (or back out).


It was an honor to lead.  Have a great day men!

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  1. Good Catch Texas Ranger. Yes, 14 should be correct. Automatically typed in my Shield Lock crew to start. After 3 straight posts with them, it just felt like they should be there. Quaker was at Warthog, and Humpback was DR. Had to go back to the video replay to confirm. Should be correct now.

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