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Bling, Boxcar, Headgear, Rousey (RESPECT), King James (hate), Kiwi (DOUBLE RESPECT), Flop (RESPECT), Jeter, Hoser, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

A nice mid-50’s morning

Well this weekend was an incredible CSAUP!!!  The World Rucking Championship in Washington DC!!!  Me, Bling, and Valvano.  I personally did 800+ miles, 23 espressos, 4 coffees, 1 energy drink, 1 vanilla milkshake, and incredible memories!!!  Driving to DC and back and then going from DC to Va and to DC and to Va and to DC and all around, and it was COLD!!!!  If you don’t know what a CSAUP is, which I have heard from some of our leadership that many PAX do not – it is a COMPLETELY STUPID AND UTTERLY POINTLESS  event.  A ruck, an OCR, the P200, the BRR, an adventure race.  Basically anything that pushes us and we do as a group/team so we can make awesome memories!  If you haven’t done one, change that!  Grab some buddies, and sign up for something.  Train together, push yourselves.  You won’t ever regret it.  Often after a CSAUP you wanna take a few days off (like Valvano did this morning), and sometimes you need to, but it’s also key to at least get out and get moving and get that soreness out.  So for accountability, I signed up to Q #EM after this weekend.  Wanted to be accountable and be sure to post the Monday after the CSAUP!  Now, my 800+ miles were in my truck, while I provided support for Bling and Valvano who actually rucked the event!  I mean, I got 49 minutes of sleep in 2 days….so it was my own little CSAUP world – but those 2 braved BRUTAL conditions and crushed the 50 miler.  Many of us have done one or more Star Courses – 50+ miles.  They were all with 20lb rucks.  The championship was 30lbs.  The temps were in the 30s.  The wind chill was colder.  The hills were brutal.  Huge TClaps to Bling and Valvano for completing this even with a very strong time.  Also for eating a delicious rotisserie chicken I got them on the side of a neighborhood road out of the back of my truck with the homeowners walking their dogs wondering exactly what in the heck was going on!  On to today…..

Trying to throw a little bit of everything at the 10 studs that showed, here is what we did

1 minute warning and disclaimer

Ruck 2 laps
To the steps – up and down each flight (4)
Head back taking the steps 2 at a time
Ruck 2 laps

Run a lap
2nd lap – Walk the turn, 50-75%ish the straight, walk the turn, as fast as you want the straight
To the steps – up and down each flight (4)
Head back taking the steps 2 at a time
Walk the 100 yard and back

Grab rucks
Ruck a lap

On the Goalline
Curl ruck 5x
OH ruck hold walk 10 yards
Curl 5x
Continue every 10 yards
On the way back, same thing, just do tricep extensions instead
These were all harder than expected

Run 100 yards at around 50%
Sprint back
22 Merkins


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for Flop and dr. appt
Prayer requests for Soto MIL and hospital
Prayer requests for Penelope dad
Prayer requests for Bling and family traveling and all those others traveling to or from
Prayer requests unspoken


– Something for everyone today – rucking, running, stairs, PT.  All worked hard and kicked butt!!!  Awesome to catch up with many of you!  Enjoy the week!!!

– Bling scavenger hunt date night – December 4.  Still time to sign up.  11 teams so far – pretty strong!
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse
– Ugly Christmas sweater convergence in Conway on December 18
– Help on Ainsley’s Angels trailer continues


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