Achey Breaky Legs and Mucho Chesto

Achey Breaky Legs and Mucho Chesto

Workout Date:



Kiwi (Respect)


Hojo, Pikachu, Skimmer (Respect), Boxcar, O’Douls (AOQ), Candy Cane, Bikini Wax, Sprinkles,

The Thang:

AO – Catapult

Time: 5:15

Weather Cloudy and 50s

Rolled in right behind AOQ O’Douls and set up some Rock and Roll but not to loud so as to not upset the Angry Elf  (Pikachu) lots of mubble chatter about loud music.

The mubble chatter continue when we were 2 minutes to start and I was still talking to Skimmer there seems to be some difficulty with the last AOQ turning over the reins to the new AOQ and understanding that he is now a pion like the rest of us. Anyway…

one minute

Warm up

Harry Rockettes 15

Hillbillies 15

TTT – 14

LBAC f/r – 15

Moroccan night clubs – 15

overhead claps 15

SSH – 15

->mosey to cross

Main Event #1

Achey Legs 

Plank Jacks – 15

High knees – 15

Lunges – 15

Squats – 15

Bobby Hurleys – 15

Rocky Balboas – 15 each leg

Mosey to end of parking lot, rinse and repeat X3

->Mosey to home plate of baseball fields

Main Event #2

Mucho Chesto

Merkins – regular, diamond, right hand forward, left hand forward, wide, BooYah Merkins – all styles X 5

15 Dips

Rinse and Repeat X 3

->Mosey to CFCC recreation building

Main Event #3

Wall Flops X 20 in cadence – really fast BC Q was sucking wind

LBC X 20

Main Event #4

Slow Mosey / Mosey to Block Pile

Curls for Girls -15

Overhead Tricep Ext – 15

Rows – 15

Lion Kings – 15

Rinse and Repeat X2

3 minutes of stretching

St. Patricks Day Trivia was enjoyed throughout.



Freed To Bleed – May 12 then again July 16

P200 – driver still needed

Grow Ruck – April 16?

Jacob Hancher – Bike Run fund raiser 4/17


Prayers requested and unspoken


Honor to Lead!







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