Adam Brown – 3/17/10

Adam Brown – 3/17/10

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Fergie, Lombardi, Bling, Hoser, Valvano, Headgear, Texas Ranger, Jeter, OneCall (QIC)

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Actually, pretty perfect.  Wet ground. Rain held off.  Mid 50’s

The other week I finished reading: “Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown

This was an incredible read.   Absolutely amazing story of a truly good, faithful, dedicated man who made the ultimate sacrifice serving this country.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this and read it asap.  You will be inspired, awed, amazed, heartbroken, among other emotions.

Take a look here and some of the links too

I originally had just taken the day to Q, and then after finishing the book, and with Adam Brown’s last day of service here on earth being March 17, 2010, this was going to be a WOD to honor him.  I googled his name and found a ton of articles and a Crossfit WOD that is one of, if not the, hardest crossfit WOD around.  This was an official Crossfit quote: “The likelihood of someone quitting on this workout who doesn’t quite know what they’re getting into is extremely high.”  Since we don’t have access to all the crossfit stuff, I modified it in ruck fashion, making it what I felt was suitably hard.  I believe all would concur.


Adam Brown died on March 17, 2010.  11 years ago.  He left behind his wife, Kelley, his two children, Nathan and Savannah, and his parents.

This is The “AdamBrown” Hero WOD that was posted for CrossFit

2 Rounds For Time

  • 24 Deadlifts (295 lb)
  • 24 Box Jumps (24 in)
  • 24 Wall Ball Shots (20 lb)
  • 24 Bench Press (195 lb)
  • 24 Box Jumps (24 in)
  • 24 Wall Ball shots (20 lb)
  • 24 Cleans (145 lb)

We did this: Started with a Ruck 1.1 miles around lake – for the 11th anniversary of his death 

For his son, Nathan, we did this (trying to keep to the idea of the crossfit WOD):

  • All PAX hold Al Gore with rucks on; while 2 PAX at a time did 11 deadlifts with one of our 2 heavy bags (123 lbs and 108 lbs)
  • Then all PAX did 24 deadlifts with their rucks and normal 60 lb sandbags
  • With rucks on we used the picnic tables to to 24 step ups (12 each leg) – full step ups knee rising up to chest
  • 24 Up and Overs with ruck
  • 24 Bench your bag, or a bag as some of us tried out the heavy bags again
  • 24 more step ups – 12 each leg
  • 24 more Up and Overs with ruck modifying per Bling request to add in tricep extension and slow reverse curl with each rep
  • 24 cleans with your bag, or try the heavy bags

We then did this all again for his daughter, Savannah

At this point, everyone was hurting.  It was a good hurt tho.  We honored Adam Brown and his children.  We pushed ourselves hard.  We still had more time, so with a vote of 8-1, YHC lost and we did not do a 3rd round of this WOD.  Instead, we rucked another 1.1 miles to honor Adam’s wife, Kelley.  Option was given to do this with or without sandbags.  Everyone being pretty tired, it appeared as if bags would remain, until Hoser hoisted the 123 lb bag onto his shoulders with a promise from Bling to help him around.  The 1.1 miles took some time, as we all had a go at that beast of a bag.  It hurt. But again, a good hurt.

I am gonna leave this here as the BB.  We followed all our usual protocol as 9 men bowed their heads and gave thanks.  We are thankful to Lombardi for having served and Jeter for having served and still serving.  We are thankful to all our service personnel. We are thankful to Hoser and all other first responders.  We are thankful to all these men and women that allow us to freely gather in the gloom and push ourselves to be the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be.  Normally I would shout out to each of the guys for something they did or said, but we were all there, we know, we saw.  Today though, I leave the focus on Adam Brown, and say that we are all genuinely thankful to have a loving God, to have our faiths, and to have people like Adam Brown willing to sacrifice everything for others.  #GodSpeed


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