Afternoon Delight & Other Guilty Pleasures

Afternoon Delight & Other Guilty Pleasures

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Sunshine, Quaker (YHC)


Sunshine, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: Sunny, 37 degrees or was it 47 degrees??

YHC got tricked into running a 2nd time on Sunday. It all started with a text from our wayward morning Pax, Sunshine, at around 2:40 pm. I think he was feeling guilty for sleeping in this morning, but who am I to judge?

Sunshine started the conversations by feeling me out,” How far did y’all go today?” . . . “I’m thinking about getting it in now.”

YHC toyed with Sunshine by replying, “Is anyone else going with you??”

Sunshine, “Haven’t asked anyone. . .  Why do you want to go?”

YHC did not reply.

Then Sunshine prodded me (guilted me) with, “It would be good training.”

Ugh . .  .He was right, it would be good training, but my legs were still recovering from the morning run . . . I didn’t want to go, but . . .

“I’ll do it!” . . .Let’s meet at the Hulk in 30 minutes & if we’re going to train, we might as well get some elevation in (bridges & hills).

Because we ran to the beach this morning, YHC suggested a scenic run along the Intercoastal Waterway this afternoon, knowing full well it was all hills. More good training for the P200.


We ran up & over the bridge & got blasted by a gusts of cold air off the waterway (more good training). This made Sunshine reconsidered his P200 leg over the bridge into Charleston.#NoBackingOut!! We then passed the Barc Park trying to outrun dogs (more good training); then took a left through the YMCA parking lot. We exited the parking lot & crossed Marina Pkwy to picked up the run path that parallels the Intercoastal Waterway.

Unlike the morning runs, there are a lot more people on the route & we passed them all!! (more good training)

We ran the run path which was full of gentle hills and gradual inclines (more good training); then entered the neighborhood at 71st Avenue N. only to realize that this stretch of road has more elevation than expected as it rises up to meet Marina Parkway.

At Marina Pkwy our muscles were burning & our legs felt heavy; YHC was leaning to the left to get some extra miles (after all there was the Grande Dunes Bridge about 1 mile away) but Sunshine would have none of it and steered us to the south along the Pkwy. . . YHC did not complain.

We ran the Pkwy to 62nd Avenue N; turned left for about .25 of a mile; then turned right onto Claire Chapin Epps Drive heading back to the YMCA.

At the Y, we turned left once more onto the run path past the Barc Park, then onto Col. Bob Bell Run Path.

At the foot of the bridge, we began accelerating until we hit our stride on the top. Then we shifted into high gear with the help of gravity as we descended the other side.

We finished the final stretch along Frontage Road with a full sprint back to the Hulk.

All in all the run was quite delightful and when it was over we were guilt free about meeting our training goals (at least for the day)😊.

The Numbers: 4.44 Miles; 8:21 Pace; Total run time: 37 minutes

Moleskin: If you’re itching to do something, like rearranging your office or going for a run in the afternoon don’t be shy; reach out to a fellow pax. You’d be surprised how easy it to get some help or some accountability. Try it some time outside of the beatdown and be ready to reap the rewards!

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