ALL 999999999’s

ALL 999999999’s

Workout Date:





Flop, Kapow, Picachu, Candy Cane, Prius (FNG), Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TimeShare

Conditions: low 80’s, very pleasant


It happened again! There was an open Q at TimeShare and then there wasn’t because YHC’s name magically appeared.

YHC was ready to attend BombSquad this Saturday but duty called me elsewhere! After all, Skid Kong’s appearances have been elusive so when he’s on Q you don’t want to miss it. I’ll be there next time brother! I hope the burpees were plentiful at BombSquad and the proper hunger ratio was achieved to fully appreciate the Country Ham afterwards!

YHC had no struggle coming up with a theme for today’s beatdown at TimeShare. I don’t know why “All 9’s” popped in my head yesterday but I thought that’s a good number to work with. It’s a low number that will not intimidate anyone (not that anyone gets intimidated, right?), however, if you do 9 exercises for 9 reps we get 81 reps which is sure to induce a solid pain quotient! Hey it’s not triple digits, am I right?

YHC bumped into Flop last night and I invited him to TimeShare. He said he’d do it IF and only IF no burpees were part of the beatdown. Funny thing is I wasn’t planning on any burpees any ways (#DontAskDontTell). So I let him know that if he comes to the beatdown there would be no burpees. Sure enough he was there.

Also arriving at the AO was Picachu and his side kick, Candycane. That made a total of 3 Catapult PAX taking a hike up the pike. We discussed a myriad issues prior to the upcoming beatdown, such as how burpees hurt one’s back &  why there would be no burpees today. We also discussed the cleanliness of the AO & its surroundings and how things look different in the light. As we talked an unfamiliar car pulled up and an FNG stepped out! Introductions were made as he explained that he had join the PAX last week on the Creeper Trail and is the son of Col. Sanders from #TheRepublic. He lives in Longs and said this is his first official post to F3, so we would get the honor of naming him!

As the chatter continued, YHC thought to himself that if 4 of the regular TimeShare PAX post or if a few DR PAX posted we would have the perfect number of 9 in attendance! Kapow did his part and pulled into the lot with about 2 minutes prior to the start. So Far so good.

Kapow then informed us that he was typically the last PAX to arrive at the beatdowns. Another minute or 2 passed but there was no sightings of Viagra, Weasel, or Cubby. Therefore, Kapow was true to his word becoming the last PAX to arrive this morning.

6:29 – One Minute Warning

6:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 15 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Merkins IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 LBAC IC, recite 5 Core Principals; 15 LBAC in Reverse, Picachu recited F3 Mission Statement.

Great mumble chatter this morning before & during the COP. Happy Quaker was thus in the house and gave the PAX a choice to stay in the Shovel Flag Parking Lot or Mosey to the Beach. . . All happily chose the beach.

As we mosey’d to the beach the mumble chatter continued then Picachu asked Flop how he got his name. The question piqued Candycane’s interest and he explained to much laughter what he thought was the genesis of Flops name. These ongoing, inappropriate guesses from Candy Cane would have made Sunshine blush. As we continued to mosey, YHC could tell by the increased bounce in Flop’s stride that he It would have liked it all to be true but eventually we had to eventually tell Candy Cane the truth which was far less exciting & funny then Candy Cane’s imagination!

As we entered the Beach the tide had receded and there was plenty of space for a proper ‘FNG Friendly Beatdown’. We Circled up and YHC told the PAX we would be doing the George Sink Workout of the Day . . . this is what happened.

The THANG:  ALL 999999999’s

Set #1

9 Squats IC

9 Iron Miles IC

9 Prisoner Squats IC

9 Lunges IC

9 Sumo Squats IC

9 Reverse Lunges IC

9 Jump Squats

9 Side Lunges IC

9 Tempo Squats IC

Mosey 50 yrds south & circle up

Set #2

9 Diamond Merkins

9 Shoulder Taps IC

9 Merkins

9 Floyd Merriweather’s IC

9 Wide Arm Merkins

9 Hands Up IC ( remain in Plank, Lift rt hand to the sky, plank, reach let hand the sky = 1)

9 Ranger Merkins

9 Knees Up IC (in plank bring rt knee to rt elbow, back to plank, then left knee to left elbow – 1)

9 Hand Release Merkins IC

Mosey 50 yrds south & circle up

Set #3

9 Flutterkicks IC

9 Hello Dolly IC

9 Flutterkicks IC

9 Boxcutters IC

9 Flutterkicks IC

9 Rubber Kicks IC

9 Flutterkicks IC

9 Heels to Heaven IC

9 Flutterkicks IC

NOTE: we kept our legs at least 6 inches off the ground for this entire set

Mosey 50 yrds north and line up on the shelf facing the ocean.

Set #4


9 Freddy Mercury’s IC




9 Pretzel Crunches each side IC

9 LBC single count – Keeping it FNG Friendly!

9 WW II Sits


Mosey to Parking Lot next to the Beach.  YHC asked the PAX what they thought the distance was between each parking line. Picachu chimed right in and stated there is 9 feet between each line. Perfect!!

Set #5

9 feet of Bearcrawl

9 feet of Crabwalk

9 feet of Bearcrawl

9 feet of Frog Hops

9 feet of Bearcrawl

9 feet of Reverse Crabwalk

9 feet of Bearcrawl

9 feet of Crawlbear

9 feet of Bearcrawl

At the end there were 3 parking spaces remaining, so we continued to bearcrawl for an additional 27 feet.

Mosey’d back to the Shovel Flag Parking Lot. Retrieved coupons from the back of my truck & circled up

Set #6

9 Block Curls

9 Block Overhead Press

9 Block Curls

9 Block Triceps Extension

9 Block Curls

9 Block Bentover Rows

9 Block Curls

9 Block Bus Drivers IC

9 Block Curls

Mosey with blocks to north side of parking lot.

Set #7

9-T feet Sprint across parking lot

9-T feet Karoke across parking lot

9-T feet Sprint across parking lot

9-T feet Backpedal across parking lot

9-T feet Sprint across parking lot

9-T feet reverse Karoke across parking lot

9-T feet Sprint across parking lot

9-T feet Mosey across parking lot

9-T feet Sprint across parking lot

Grab your coupon and line up on east side of parking lot

Set #8

9 Thrusters

9 Mountain Climbers IC

9 Thrusters

9 Carolina Dry Docks IC

9 Thrusters

9 Plank Jacks IC

9 Thrusters

9 Monkey Humpers IC

9 Thrusters

Replace the blocks in the back of the truck & Circle up for the 9th round of 9’s (Mary-PAX Choice)

Set #9

9 Flutterkicks IC (Quaker)

9 Crunchy Frogs IC (Picachu)

9 Monkey Humpers IC (FNG – Prius) (Apparently Monkey Humps had a big impact on the FNG!!!)

9 American Hammers IC (Ka-pow)

9 LBC IC (Candycane)

9 Hello Dolly IC (Flop)


7:30 – Time Called!

Count-o-rama = 6


Naming of the Shew: Matt’s father is Col. Sanders from F3Republic; Matt got his first taste of F3 last weekend on the Creep Trail; Matt likes muscle cars; Matt is an IT specialist for a lumber company . . . Suggestions included: The Creeper, Chicken Wing, Morning Wood, Little Tree, Header . . . there were plenty more suggestions. The first name we gave him he replied, “I can live with that” but we couldn’t so we withdrew the name because it was too ‘nice’. Eventually we agreed to call Matt, “Prius” which is the complete opposite of any muscle car. Let him try explaining that one to his friends.

Announcements: Q sheet is filling up fast in anticipation of the AOQ Challenge!! Get your spot now! Freed to Bleed in the works – stay tuned; Ground Zero continues to accept donations.

Prayers for our children, especially Flob’s son Toby, Kiwi’s son Will, and Headgear’s daughter. We were reminded that we all have burdens and we need each other to shoulder them. No problem is too big for God.







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