Almost Birthday Q!!

Almost Birthday Q!!

Workout Date:





Billboard (respect), Snips (respect), FedEx, Blue, Karma, Bubbles, Backdraft, Franklin, Geno, Spinaltap, Surf/Turf, Fergie

The Thang:

I just want to say I appreciate and am thankful for F3 and all my brothers some of whom I knew before but most would have possibly never met.  I appreciate all of you for the friendship, strength, fun, accountability you have given me through the years 💪😎

It is/was an honor to lead today!!

Wrote a new Q for today instead of pulling a old one out from the pile.  Pulled into Mothership lot to find Backdraft/Billboard patiently waiting on me to arrive.  Then as we exit our vehicle the parade of others slowly started to roll on in.  A couple F3Republic brothers came across the river to go through the woods to grandpas house today!

So one minute warning was given and shortly there after proper somewhat disclaimer was given..

the thing begins:

warmups SSH 31

Thru the tunnel. 21

merkins  22

imperial walkers 25

that was good since it was 52 degrees Geno approved.  So we moseyed to the bridge.

this side 5 burpees

bearcrawl to top 25 squats

lunge walk to other side and 22 merkins

mosey across street for some 4 corners

min remberance of my day of birth we used

2 corner 1

26 corner 2

19 corner 3

66 corner 4

round 1


merkins 26

diamond merkins 19

airpresses 66

back to start plank on six

round 2


LBC 26

american hammers 19

2 ct flutters 66

back start plank on six

round 3


lunges 2 ct  26

mountain climbers 19

Squats 66

back to start plank on six recover and mosey cross street and continue mosey to far bridge.

then a pax made comment about burpees which I dislike but we thru in ten on this side then lunged over to other side and did 25 merkins.

mosey to other bridge where we did 25 big boys just so wouldn’t disappoint pax from one of my epic Q’s of past where we did

(450 big boys)

mosey to lot for COT.

anouncements freed to bleed, training for ruck, saltygears starting up again Monday, Snips work day Saturday all day for new mission home.

prayer requests Hoedown mother/ family, Backdraft grandmother/family, F3 brothers participating in Florida 72 hour race across Florida (Bluegrass, Bigwheelz, ??)

Jingles prayed us out!

thanks for opportunity to lead 💪


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