Almost Shoeless Highjacking / Bling its cold out here

Almost Shoeless Highjacking / Bling its cold out here

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Drifter, Baggage, Bling, One Call, Shoeless (2XR), Boxcar, Manziel (R), Spinal Tap

The Thang:

So it was a Brisk (frickin cold) morning at the Mothership and four braved the elements for a pre-run – Bling, Manziel, One Call, and Boxcar – lots of training going on for BRR and that’s a good thing.  As they moseyed back in right around the one minute – Bling informed me that its really cold out here (no S..t Sherlock) and that we must head to the parking garage because his pinkies were cold. Since I knew the crying would be never ending  unless Bling got his way I thought OK (really it was the place to be on a windy warthog January morning).

One Minute Warning


Mission Statement

I proceed to speak eloquently about leading and called out Shoeless for not having Qed yet at Warthog and he then tried to step in and take over my Q! At which time I had to say not so fast old fellow (pretty much the only one beside the world famous Papa Smurf I can say this to) and reasserted my authority over the Q.  Bling again reminded me it was cold and we proceeded to try and fight off this cold Bling kept telling everyone about.

Warm up – In Cadence

TTT X 20

IW X 20

SSH X 20

LBAC – F/R X 20

Overhead Claps X 20

Merkins X 22

The Thang

Moseyed to the large pavilion where we did 20 dips OYO and then to the top of Myrtle Beach’s Mt. Kilimanjaro for 20 Monkee Humpers and Bling saying – Kiwi its Windy and Cold up here …..

We then moseyed across the bridge as fast as possible to head into the garage to warm up Bling’s pinkies.

I enjoyed my 7 of Diamond workout so much at The Plank on Tuesday that I wanted to enlighten a new group of men with something similar.

So starting at the bottom of the garage we did the following

  • 7 burpees – up one level 7 more burpees -Not sure how Bling plans on getting warm since he is laying on the pavement while we did burpees but …
  • up another level for 14  Bobby Hurleys (jump squats) – up another level for 14 more BH
  • up another level for 21 – 4 count flutters and then to the top for 21 more flutters – we are now back outside and Bling lets us know it is cold out here so we proceed back down for
  • 28 squats and down another level for 28 more squats
  • 21 LBCs and back up for 21 more LBCs
  • Back up for 14 Monkee Humpers  and up again 14 more Monkee Humpers

At this point I am sure I am off on my ups and downs and maybe even my exercises but running out of time so back out into the cold for a little round of Indian run around the lake to entrance road and to the parking lot.  I wanted to finish with 7s so Bling could say let me guess we are doing 7 of something and made my first bad decision which was to do Jack Webbs in the parking lot – guess who let me know that he was not doing Jack Webbs in the parking lot – yes Bling! Well in this instance he was right on the money as he had been all morning with his – its bloody cold out here and so we moved onto the grass where we proceeded from 1-7 with merkins and 4-28 with air presses with Bling asking everyone – hey guys are your knees in the same holes and first time? Then ha made you look – gotta love a little Bling humor.

Count o Rama – 9

Name o Rama – 9

Announcements – Freed to Bleed next week Feb 4 Coptic Church CF get signed up they need our HIM blood!  Lazer tag / coast pizza. Sign up for super bowl squares with Valvano (I have your money where were you big fellow) – thank you Spinal Tap for reminding us that this is an F3 Grandstrand fundraiser for future events.

Prayers – my travel to VA next week and for me to be successful in petitioning Timberlake Baptist for a new Monday Moderate AO. Silent prayers as well.

4 for Coffeteria at DD afterwards

We missed our fearless bearded leader Fergie this morning and pray for his continued recovery and getting much needed rest. But boy this was a fun group to be with and amazing in that Bling spoke up a couple of times (usually quiet – HA) and One Call was quiet and reserved — I think boxcar is rubbing off on him.  Great to see Drifter who I had maybe met once before but who had not been to Warthog in a while. Great work by all!

honor to lead


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