Alternative Beatdown

Alternative Beatdown

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Goldberg, Bluegrass, Peach, Barney, SuperDave, BigWheelz, Sitework, Rousey, Stuffed Crust, Mudslide

The Thang:

5AM QIC pulled onto Laurel street expecting a foggy ghost town, but to my surprise, I saw a short, stocky figure off in the distance… who could it be? None other than Rousey, early and stretching. He has been a source of great motivation for myself since I began my f3 journey, and I was excited to have him join us at #TheRepublic

505AM The #PAX begin rolling in… almost all at once, as if they’d planned it that way.

510AM The cool kids… “pre runners” show up all sweaty like “hey guys, check us out. We just ran like 27 miles, so can we get this little beatdown started already.” Hahaha! Props to Peach and Bluegrass! #beastmode

514AM Disclaimer made… Alternative Playlist starts.

Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, STP, Candlebox etc.. We Jammed!

515AM I give our guest Rousey the honors of choosing our first exercise, since he made the trip across the water… 15 burpees later, we began the scheduled beatdown.

Mosey to the street, circle up.

Quick feet and drop down merkins until each PAX has pushed 25lb weight across street and back.

Split into two groups of five. Indian jog 2 blocks while PAX at the back does 5 merkins and runs to the front. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey 2 blocks to the alley by the trestle and point out the set of 25 steps running up the side of the building.  We then circled up and did high knees and drop down merkins until each PAX had scaled the stairs and returned to the merkin party.

Partner up. Peoples chair while your partner bearcrawls across alley, and then switch. 5 sets.

Mosey 1 block to Town Hall.

Scale the steps up one side, down the other and bear crawl back to steps. Repeated I believe, three or four times. I think several PAX did more than I did. I had random calf pain at this point. Hmmmm…

Mosey back to the post.

We grabbed the 25lb weight and headed over to the fountain. Each PAX spread apart probably 20ft, and we began pushing the weight to the next PAX in line until it made 6 laps around the fountain. All while doing random exercises Barney hollered out.

Mosey to the watertower.

Counted off… 10 PAX

Prayer requests. I don’t remember all of them, but definitely keep SuperDaves daughter in your prayers as she battles ongoing migraines. Keep Peaches friend, Sandra in your Prayers, and the person who was involved in the boating accident. Also, our children, and our schools.


Fridays #TheRepublic and #Riviera convergence.  Run/Kettlebells beatdown of death.

F3 anniversary next month at Market Commons.

Family beach day upcoming.

Sitework prayed us out.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you all this morning. It was a pleasure. Until next time… STAY ULTIMATE!


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