Always outside!!! Wait, AND Rain or Shine….what?

Always outside!!! Wait, AND Rain or Shine….what?

Workout Date:





Lombardi (RESPECT), Bling, Hoser, Fergie, Tiny Dancer, Valvano, Jeter, Turn and Cough (HUGE KOTTER), Dirt Track (FNG Chris H.), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Humid, high 60’s, RAIN

#ElevationMonday…or after today….#Beachbells2

So, right before the holidays, I was selling a car and went to Bob Mills Mitsubishi as they had KBB purchased a prior car of mine.  Easy process.  Great GM.  Very fair numbers.  Once again, a great process.  The 1st time, I met our FNG today (the GM).  We talked F3 a bit, and I tried the EH, but it did not stick.  This time, as he was eating some pizza, he asked me if I was still doing that early morning workout thing.  Why yes, yes I was!  Ready to come out?  When is it?  Where is it?  I told him the Monday options….he lives right by Doug Shaw – I checked the Q sheet – open, so I took it and put it at Doug Shaw.  FNG, now known as Dirt Track from his hometown of the racing city of Rockingham, says he will come.  Have a few other employees there watching our videos on the website, and enjoying the fun news casts!  Had several “HC/SC”.  One – a Weedeater EH named Centerfold – said he needed to get back.  Maybe he will.  So I texted Dirt Track yesterday and he was in.  He checked with the others – no dice.  Just him!  Gotta admit the weather had me worried…for him, me, Bling, Fergie, Valvano..heck…all of us with some severe weather on the horizon!!!  BC had already told us he was out of town…but he wouldn’t have come with that rain!  Tried to get Geno in the carpool – but bourbon and Cobra Kai binging ended that!  Anyhow, as we know…F3 is ALWAYS OUTDOORS, RAIN OR SHINE.  OR, as we learned from Fergie this morning…possibly, Indoors???????  Rain..or lights??  He was tired…more on that later.

So I grabbed Lombardi…or didn’t as his house was pitch black!  Waited for a creature to be stirring for a few minutes, sent a text, nothing!  Uh oh.  I roll on to get Bling, get a text from Lombardi he is in, so I will have to double back after getting Bling, but I roll right past him – DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE!  I was texting Valvano to get him to cover me if I was a minute or 2 late…and Bling is out there shaking his head.  By the time I looked up…I was 4 houses past his.  Oops!  U turn, grab him, back to Lombardi, grab him…make it with 1 minute to spare to a great group of 10.  No Turn and Cough though…YET!

1 minute warning (probably 25 seconds really).  Wait for 0500 lights…nothing!  Still on holiday schedule.

Disclaimer in full with FNG particularly.

Rucks on – 1 nice warm up lap.  Notice soccer goal on track.  Hear all about it from Bling most of the lap.
Let’s check the stairs.  With rucks, up and down each of the 4 flights.  Carefully.  Not terrible, but they were wet.  TURN SHOWS UP!!! YES!!!!   Only hit 3 cars in the parking lot!
To track.  Rucks off.  Let’s do a COP, warm up, get FNG acclimated, etc.
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 15 IC
Plank a while
F3 Mission – To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!
Plank some more
Merkins x 20 IC single count
75% speed run 100 yards and back
Tempo Squats x 15 IC
LBAC Forward x 20 IC
Let’s get the 5 core principles
1. Always Outside
2. Open to all men
3. Led on a peer rotating basis by men with no training or certifications necessary
4. Free
5. Rain or Shine
…Wait, what Fergie?!?!  That goes with outdoor!  Hoser – where do you go that it rains inside???  HA!  Good natured bantering of course
Real 5 – Ends with a BOM and COT

The rain started whipping around here….lots of comments about under the bleachers, it’s dry, blah blah, so being the kind soul that I am…we went under the bleachers..where we still got wet, and now there were puddles of water/urine.  But at least we weren’t “out” in the rain.  Kinda like Fergie’s other core principle!

LBAC backward x 20 IC
Cherry Pickers  x 20 IC
CREDO – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him!
Low squat OH Press x 20 IC
Mosey to get the sandbag and back

Everyone wall sit.  1 PAX at a time run to the garbage can and back.  LONGGGGGG wall sit.  Especially with Hoser shaking hands on his way down the line and Tiny Dancer sandbagging his speed!

More legs.  Rucks on or off.  Lunge walk between the columns.  1 squat at 1st and keep increasing squats up to 5.  Turn around for same thing; squats up to 10.

Mosey to far end and back

1 PAX at a time would be the timer…clean and tossing the sandbag I brought 3x out and 3x back
While the “timer” was going, other PAX would do exercises AMRAP
Upright Row
Tricep Extensions
My turn as timer – BURPEES.  Ha!  Just kidding!
American Hammer
Hold 6″
Bench your ruck

Mosey to far end and back

1 arm curl ruck – 10 each arm
1 arm tri extension – 10 each arm
15 Diamond Merkins OYO
20 Shoulder to shoulder ruck press OYO
15 Bent Over Rows OYO

Flutters holding ruck up x 20 IC
Bench ruck x 15 OYO
LBC’s x 20 OYO
22 Merkins IC – single count – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 10 with 1 #Kotter and 1 FNG
Prayer requests for V’s M’s family – lost a loved one yesterday
Prayer requests unspoken


– F3 is awesome.  We can get out there and better ourselves physically with like-minded men who want to be better versions of themselves.  We are free to gather and be men.  We are free to pray as we want.  Nobody missed a beat harassing Turn after being out for months and months.  Dirt Track was well attended by men pushing him.  We had fun.  We worked hard.  We laid in water/pee.  We sweated.  We got 1% better.  We then took our knees and prayed.  No better way to start the morning and no finer men to start it with!

– Jeter is apparently starting a F3GrandStrand meal plan.  He is shooting for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, with a happy hour and snack time thrown in.  For now, look in the #2ndF Channel for the 3 lunches he has set up this week from North to South.
– January 29 – HC to Jeter for Paintball
– Be on the lookout for Valvano’s F3GS 2022 fitness challenge with a prize (suggested to be a hug from Valvano) coming soon!



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