And the AOQ is Off and Moseying

And the AOQ is Off and Moseying

Workout Date:



O'Douls (AOQ)


Pikachu, Saw Dust, Hojo, Single Barrel, First Base, Brown Bag, Kiwi

The Thang:

Conditions– Low 50s and breezy conditions making it feel brisk

YHC first Q as the new AOQ. The goal today (and every day at Catapult) was to ensure the beatdown is easily modifable up or down. I’ve created a new moto at Catapult that I will use to set the tone of the AOQ and all beatdowns that YHC Qs moving forward called the “R3” of F3= Rinse, Repeat, Reinforce. Basically, do what is beneficial for the entire group (all PAX), repeat consistently and reinforce at every beatdown.

Gave the one minute warning and had 7 other PAXs circled-up to start the COP. We started at the flag and picked up Brown Bag on his way out of the car during the moseying COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given, and repeated the goal of Catapults (MODIFY as needed)

COP (Slow moseying COP around AO)

20- Hairy Rockettes IC

20- TTT IC

10- Windmills IC

20- IWs IC

20- Hillbillies IC

20- LBACs IC

20- LBACs in Reverse IC

15- OHCs IC

15- Cherry Pickers IC

22- Merkins IC

The Thang

Moseyed to big parking lot and lined up on the white park lot lines at closest end and instructed PAX to do the following at each line. I didn’t get an accurate count of lines, but I believe it was about 20-25:

3- Catapult Burpees

3- Big Boys

3- Squats

Whoever finished would help pick-up the 6.. Great push by everyone and good energy within the group.

Next, mosey to back of baseball diamond- 10 Merkins IC YHC

Mosey to corner by coupon pile- 10 Merkins IC YHC; 20 LBCs IC YHC

Mosey to next corner- 10 Merkins IC YHC;  20 LBC IC (Pikachu count);  30 SSHs YHC

Mosey to next corner all the way across big parking lot- 10 Merkins IC YHC; 20 LBCs (First Base count); 30 SSHs YHC; 40 MCs YHC (Brown Bag count 20)

Slow walk back to COP doing following exercises: 20 OHPs YHC; 30 Seal Claps (Hojo count); 15 Cherry Pickers YHC


20 -Freddie Mercurys IC- YHC

2 minutes of stretching as needed




Announcements- Free-to-Bleed event today, Grow Ruck, P200 kick off; Praise Brown Bag Sr. for his 89th birthday today- Many more healthy years to come Dad!

YHC prayed us out

As always, it was truly an honor to lead these HIMs, but even more so today as I kicked off my first Q as the Catapult AOQ. Thanks to all who came out to support me #ISI #HIM Great work PAX!



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