Are you ready for some Fffffoooottttbbbaaaal

Are you ready for some Fffffoooottttbbbaaaal

Workout Date:





Studebaker, Speedy Gonzales (2.O), FNG CJ (Dragqueen), FNG Seth (Powerade), FNG Mike (Mortgage Mike), FNG Carson (Norman), Lombardi, Handy Manny, Podcast, Frankland, Vladimir (2.0), Varsity, JV (2.0), Cheesy Biscuit, Pinky (2.0), Weedeater, Grilled Cheese (2.0), Whittle, Billboard, Blue Grass, Flash, Hoser (YHC), Iron Man (2.0)

The Thang:

There has been some informal discussion between myself and Lombardi the AOQ of Warthog about wanting to do something different for the beatdowns on the last Saturday of the month. YHC came up with the idea of Qing either a football game or an ultimate frisbee game where the 2.0’s would be encourage to join in and spend an hour of introducing them and showing be example not just the importance of physical fitness but more importantly the importance of male community relationship and leadership. Lombardi gave me his blessing and we started with this experiment in May. May did not work out so well as only 5 pax and 1 2.0 showed up. YHC was humbled to see that today we had 15 pax and 8 2.0s.

The weather was 78 and calm. The sun had stared to rise off of the horizon and made for catching the football a precarious situation. A disclaimer was given.

YHC led the group in some stretching as the filed was modified as YHC did not expect a crowd of this size.

After the stretching teams were picked. T-claps to Bluegrass for binging flags so as to help who was on who’s team. Kind of hard to do with all 10 people on your team running the same out route.

Teams were picked, and rules were agreed on. It was time for kick off.

Multiple touchdowns were scored on both teams. We had a nice friendly game, for once, with no injuries to people. The same could not be said for Bluegrasses cleats as well as YHC cleats. Bluegrass was extremely sad because he had had these cleats since his senior year in high school so there’re 3 years old.

The game was ended and we all circled up for BOM.

BOM: Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, and name the FNG.

Announcements: Handy is leading a 3F Bible study. It will be meeting every other Saturday at Warthog from 0545-0645. The next meeting will be July 14th.

Prayer request: Understanding during times of tragic and sudden loss.

YHC led the closing prayer.

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