Asheville Spartan Race

Asheville Spartan Race

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Rousey, Headgear, SEAL Break (2.0)

The Thang:

Asheville Spartan Super (Black Mountain, NC)

How did this come to be?

Sometime this past spring, YHC noticed Rousey’s Slack post about the Spartan.   YHC had participated in a couple of Spartan races back in the days before F3 and before he got out of shape but now posting to F3 beatdowns, YHC figured, let’s give it a shot…that was before signing up for the Starcourse which took place a month prior to the Spartan.  Waiting on other PAX to HC but no one ever did.  SEAL Break, 2.0 of YHC, decided he was interested in doing the Kids Spartan.  At 8 years old, the only race open to him was the 1 miler.  He was mostly interested in throwing a spear and getting dirty but lets go!

Training, Prep and Arrival

Rousey and YHC didn’t spend a lot of time training for obstacles…who needs to train anyway but time was spent throwing a spear…well because when do we ever get to do that.   Posting at #Bombsquad, seemed to fill our burpee prep and we have #MountMyrtle at #Warthog so we figured we would be ready to climb Black Mountain.

Notice was given that YHC would not be allowed to let his 8 year old wander the Spartan grounds playing with bears for 3+ hours waiting on dad to finish his race so this quickly turned into a family affair for YHC so M could be around to watch him.  On the way up, we picked up Rousey in Charlotte as he was on official Gov’t business and headed up to Black Mountain on Friday evening.

Got checked into the hotel and went out for a bite to eat at the Sierra Nevada Brewery…its a family trip…if this were just Rousey, SEAL Break and YHC, we would have been fine with some beef jerky , box of crackers and some cigarettes, but now we have the M and more 2.0s in tow so we needed a nice meal.  A good thing we stopped at Sierra Nevada…food was excellent and we even went ahead and tried some of their brews to supplement our hydration plan.  This is a CSAUP event in NC so of course we ran into F3 brothers everywhere from all over.  As we were walking out, we noticed a #sadclown with his M and 2.0 sitting on the ground, car jacked up, reading the owner’s manual on how to change a tire.  We decided to ask if they needed assistance and found they were having trouble with the tire, specifically getting the lug nuts off.  Rousey proceeded to tell them that this often happens because the power tools used at the tire shops really tighten them too much.  YHC offered to have Rousey give it a try and they accepted.  Rousey steps up, rips his shirt off, flexes his arms #truthnugget and knocks those lug nuts right off…so easy that he held his laugh in and tried to make it look more difficult! #truestory.  He then proceeded to ask the Sad Clown’s M if they were in town for the Spartan race as he flexed his muscles again to which they seemed clueless but the Sad Clown says, “oh, was that this weekend?”.  YHC tried to make them feel better and told them that Rousey is my muscle that I bring with me everywhere and Rousey told them he spent some time around cars with his relative that was a mechanic.    It was all pretty funny but on a serious note, we were glad to be able to help them out since that’s what F3 guys are supposed to do.  Rousey then flexed again, put his shirt back on and we were off back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.

Day of the Spartan race, YHC briefed the M and 2.0s about the “Head’s Up” email that was sent to all Spartan Participants, warning of ground hornets, black bears and the need for a 4WD:


Black Mountain is one of the most beautiful Spartan courses. A rugged, natural escape from your weekday hustle. But with that, comes some challenges from Mother Nature.

1. There are ground hornets on the adult and kids course. We have taken every measure and precaution to route the course far away from any known nests but please carry your EpiPen on you at all times if you are allergic.

2. Black Mountain is home to bears. We are entering their habitat. To avoid coming across one, make lots of noise on the trail and don’t venture off. If you do see a bear, tell the next staff member or volunteer.

3. This area has seen a lot of rain in the past week so be prepared for mud. It’s not as muddy as last year, but we recommend 4WD vehicles, boots, and a change of clothes.

4. There is minimal service at this venue. Have a plan for where you’ll meet your squad after the race because texting/calling may not be an option. Go ahead and throw your phone in airplane mode to save battery.

YHC felt it was best to wait until just before the event to give the warning so no one would overreact.  We then drove to the location in the minivan…YHC likes to call it the tactical minivan as it blends in most places the family visits…except for a Spartan race on Black Mountain when 4WD was recommended.  YHC’s pre-teen 2.0 was sold on this trip with the promise of a stop at the American Girl store at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte but when we rolled up to the Spartan parking we saw the beautiful views…and happened to be in a grassy field full of cow dung, flies and thousands of grasshoppers…and limited internet or cell phone service!!!  YHC reminded the family of the ground hornets and bears and was off to the start line.

The Thang

The race itself was unforgiving…unforgiving in the fact that the mountain is a real thing you have to get to the top of, the mud was slick and the obstacles were real.  YHC’s race started at 10:30 while Rousey was able to move to the 11:15 heat and SEAL Break was in the last kid’s heat at 2:00.  The objective was for YHC to finish the race and help 2.0 get ready for his race, otherwise he and Rousey may have both been able to do the 11:15.  The start line was preceded by a wall…YHC wondered if this counted as one of the obstacles and was reminded that this race would be tough.  There was no time to warm up and only a few minutes to hydrate.  YHC went to start the race while Rousey warmed up and joined all the other F3 PAX in a pre-race party.  As they were partying, YHC was sloughing through mud, climbing walls, crawling under barbed wire and making his way up the mountain.  It didn’t take long to feel that unfamiliar burn in the legs…should have taken #ElevationMonday’s and #BridgeworkFridays more seriously.   The obstacles were tough and for many it was better to have a teammate nearby.  YHC thought he was making good time until when bottlenecked at an obstacle, he asked a fellow runner for the time and found that he didn’t have much left if he wanted to see SEAL Break at the start so he double timed it and may have caught the #IForgotHowToCountBurpees virus that many of the other racers seemed to have caught much earlier in the race.  By doing so, YHC finished the race just in time to see SEAL Break at the starting line.  He knew Rousey was still out there and wondered how he was doing on that mountain.  SEAL Break’s 1 mile race was legit and he pushed through neck and neck fighting for 2nd place when his shoe got stuck in the mud.  The kid he was racing against stopped to help him get it out. That’s a Spartan right there!  They then completed their obstacles and finished the race neck and neck with SEAL Break coming in for 3rd place in the heat.  At this time, Rousey was still out taking on the mountain.  YHC saved his beer ticket for Rousey’s finish…a good thing he did because when he was carded and didn’t have ID, Rousey ripped his shirt off again, flexed, flashed some credentials, mentioned “official government business” and saved the day. #truthnugget.  Not sure what kind of beer that was but it went down well!

We were muddy, beat up, bleeding and hungry…got to meet some more F3 PAX and then got cleaned up enough for YHC’s M to let us in the tactical minivan and drive to Charlotte for a night stay at one of Rousey’s safe houses before headed back to the beach.  Medals and finishers shirts in hand, YHC calls this a win.  We had a great time and great fellowship.  YHC got to know Rousey a little better along the way and spend some time with SEAL Break doing cool stuff!  YHC made up the missed burpees when posting at #Catapult on Tuesday since Rousey brought it up more than once and sleep was missed thinking about it. Rousey and YHC agreed that we need to do this again and it would be great to get other fellow PAX to the next Spartan race.  Looking forward to the next one!



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  1. This is a great BB! Enjoyed the read and the pictures. Surprised no mention of the hairiness of a shirtless Rousey!! I expect you two to Q a major CSAUP next year for our local PAX. No reason we can’t get 10-15 guys to go!!! At least to a Sprint, if not the Trifecta!

    1. Thanks! Thought about a comment of shirtless Rousey and bears but i had already edited this thing 10 times. We should definitely have a group for a Sprint next year!

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