Back in F3 Black

Back in F3 Black

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Hedgehog, Judge Judy, Crabs, Killington, Skimmer (R), Flatliner, Side-out (R), Lombardi (R), First Base (AOQ)

The Thang:


Conditions Cool / Clear 45 degrees

After laying off almost three weeks due to a fairly serious respiratory condition it is great to be back out in the gloom with the men of Catapult. Good to see both Flatliner and Side-out out as well. Good diverse group with Lombardi, Judge Judy and Skimmer as well as stalwarts like Hedgehog, Crabs, and Killington. I wasn’t sure how my lungs would hold up given that I just finished some steroids and was completing a round of antibiotics but all went well. Appreciate First Base’s leadership and willingness to help out if needed – an AOQ who is following up well with the past leadership which has made this such a strong AO.

Judge Judy threw out what seems to be a normal (for him) one minute warning – I guess as a judge you have to run a tight court room and I kind of felt like I was being scolded for being out of order but it accomplished getting me moving.

The Thang – I try to make my Qs something that while not always killer they keep you on the move and this one set up nicely for that.

Warm up – all 15s all in cadence

Harry Rockettes


Tempo Squats

Imperial Walkers


LBACs – forward & reverse



Station one – The Cross – 4 exercises – 20 each

Rocky Balboas, BBSUs, dips, and declined merkins

Station two – home plate – 3 exercises – 20 each

Wall flops – if you don’t know what they are – speak to my man Flop – he developed them, step ups, LBCs

Station three – the church wall – 20 count handstand – since there were 10 PAX we just counted through twice. I know we had a number of individuals who decided they forgot their number and this round was definitely longer than a 20 count.

Station four – block pile and then to the flag parking lot with 11s

Starting with 1 curl & 1 overhead press mosey to the other end and 10 squats & 10 two count Mountain Climbers

Finished those then it was rinse and repeat the first three stations – then replace the blocks with about 8 minutes for some Mary led by Hedgehog (rubber kicks), Judge Judy some crazy iron cross thingamajiggers – killed us all, Lombardi – Floyd Mayweather – punch thrus,

Announcements – Free to bleed, dragon boat race, Jetah’s easter egg hunt

Prayers unspoken – I prayed us out

Always appreciate the honor it is to lead and hope I never waste anyone’s time – good workout and great to be BACK IN F3 BLACK