Back in my day…in the snow, uphill, both ways.

Back in my day…in the snow, uphill, both ways.

Workout Date:





Shoeless(2R), FencePost(DR, 3R), Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Ice Storm Warning, Feels like temp at 17 degrees. Cold

#MeteorologistJim has been sounding the alarms all week about the cold weather and ice.  YHC checked in with the Qs for the weekend to be sure everyone was good to go.  All gave the thumbs up but then Fergie had to back out so YHC took on this Q, not expecting much of a turnout except for Flash since he gave me an HC earlier in the week…only to withdraw that HC Friday evening!  But then word came through from Penelope and Jeter that FencePost, DR from Dayton, would be there.  Knowing that anyone from Dayton wouldn’t worry much about our apocalyptic ice storm, I better be ready.  Prep for the morning by throwing some towels on my windshield so there wouldn’t be an ice buildup.  It worked like a charm and YHC showed up to the beatdown about 20 minutes early to find FencePost already in the parking lot.  Shoeless rolled up at 0659 1/2!


Shoeless asked if we were heading to the “pahking garage” so YHC asked FencePost if he was okay with a little mosey. FencePost said he wouldn’t mosey fast but was good to go so we started with a slow mosey going left around the lake to avoid the iced bridge.  We stopped at various points along the way to do Imperial Walkers, side straddle hops, squats, Merkins and Windmills.  There was some ice around the lake and on the street so a few slips crossing Farrow towards the garage but we all managed to stay upright.

In the garage and to the wall for wall sits for about 60 seconds.

Various counts of Merkins, Squats, BBSUs, Side Straddle Hops and Flutter Kicks at each level as we moseyed up to the top of the garage and then back down.

Back to the wall for another 60 seconds of wall sits.

Mosey back, crossing over the bridge this time at Shoeless’s request.

Stop off at the pavilion for dips and PAX choice.

Mosey back to the imaginary ShovelFlag for 10 more Merkins.


Announcements:  FreedToBleed on Feb 4th, Laser Tag on Jan 29, ShieldLock Challenge begins Feb 1, Picnic at Christ Church on Prince Creek Parkway on Feb 12,  AOQ Handoffs for BombSquad and Catapult in February.  Catapult Anniversary in February as well.

Prayers – Safe Travel for FencePost.  Health for PAX and families.

It was a cold morning but it felt great once we got going!  It was awesome to see Shoeless and FencePost come out and get after it!  We had plenty of mumblechatter during the beatdown so there was no need for 10 counts.  We continued that fellowship with Coffeeteria with a stop at The Bagel Factory to see that they were closed due to weather but a ride up the road to Eggs Up Grill found Amber and the crew serving up hot coffee and good eats!  Great work men!

-Headgear out!

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