Back The way You Came..

Back The way You Came..

Workout Date:





Bubbles, Fergie, Manziel, Strikeout, Squirt

The Thang:


What’s Up Freaks?! YHC returned to The Mothership like Deadbeat Dad…trying to make up for lost time. The sounds of Lil Wayne echoed in my car but my mind was on all of the great times I’ve had at Warthog. If you are reading this & haven’t taken the time to explore the Amazing Territory at our first AO; please slap yourself upside the head & redeem yourself. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday “The Hog” never lets me down.

Bubbles & Fergie were on scene first, Squirt & Strikeout rolled up by 5:12 & Manziel pulled up in the Jeep like Lee Majors.

05:14-1 minute warning

05:15-Proper Disclaimer


1. 25 SSH

2. 25 Merkins OYO

3. 25 TTT

4. 5 Burpees

5. 5 Burpees

6. 5 Burpees

7. 5 Burpees

The PAX took a friendship paced mosey around track & stopped in front of Mt Myrtle (Home sweet Home)

11’s over Mt Myrtle

Hand Release Merkins on near side

1 Burpee on top to Mt Myrtle to “pay the toll” to cross

Squats on the side

YHC picked these exercises because they are simple & the forms are very functional. YHC encouraged proper form from the PAX…you get it.

Recovery: Toy Solider to the bridge

Lunge walk to the Middle of the bridge -Plank on the 6

20 Squats OYO in the Middle of the bridge

Lunge walk to the end of the bridge-Plank on the 6

20 Squats OYO

Mosey to the parking deck stairwell -20 squats

Run up the stairwell…touching every step

Top of the deck-100 Rocky Balboas

10 Tempo Squats holding the 10th Squat for 10 seconds with 5 jumps after x2

Mosey back to the towards the parking lot making sure to stop at Mt Myrtle & “Go Back The Way We Came’. The Pax gave 1 Squat on ran to the top gave a Burpee & finished with a Hand Release Merkins

Mosey back to the Flag & Time was called.


Count-O-Rama: 6


Announcements: AOQ hand off at Bombsquad on Saturday 0600. There will be blood spilled…Donate.

Moleskin: Growth comes from struggle, we should be struggling in every workout. It was an honor to stuggle with these men, this morning.