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Back to Big Monday

Workout Date:



Texas Ranger


Rubber, Streaker, Hot Tub (Respect), Brown Bag (Respect), Quaker (Respect), Cross Stitch, Billy Blanks, Beefsteak, Mr. Belding (Kotter), Humpback, Crabs, YHC (Kotter)

The Thang:


Conditions: 70, Cool and clear

I haven’t been out as much recently dealing with some injuries, but starting to turn the corner. Got the text from Beefsteak a few weeks ago asking if I could Q Big Monday and even though I was a little hesitant, told him I would do it. Big Monday… honestly, one of my favorite days to Q, because the guys just come ready to go. Sometimes it sucks to wake up, but you do it and it sets the tone for the rest of the week and for me, who’s been off and gotten off the routine, I needed this. So thank you Beefsteak! Showed up a little early to the AO, to set up a secret prop and get some stretching in, since I apparently need like an hour of stretching before doing anything now. Chatted with Cross Stitch and Beefsteak as the PAX started rolling in. Beefsteak mentioned that he ran into Mr. Belding at church yesterday and it sounded like he’s been off for a while but made the choice to get up out of bed and accelerate.

1 Minute Warning

Quick intro and disclaimer given and we’re off!


SSH x 25 IC, Merkins x 10 SC, TTT x 15 IC, Windmill x 15 IC, Merkins x 10 SC, LBAC x 15 IC, LBAC IR x 15 IC

Mosey to the Big Parking Lot

The THANG – 
Wanted to get back to basics, so everybody partner up for some BOMBS (totals for the pair)

B x 50:

P1 – Burpees

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

Switch and repeat until finished

O x 100:

P1 – 4 count OH Press

P2 – sprint across the parking lot and back

M x 150:

P1 – Merkins

P2 – lunge walk halfway and sprint back

B x 200:

P1 – BBSU modify to 2 count LBC if needed

P2 – bear crawl halfway and sprint back

S x 250:

P1 – Squats

P2 – Half and end line suicides across the parking lot

Mosey back to the bleachers

11’s – Step ups and Dips

(At this point we ran out of time to hit the secret prop, so that will have to go back into the bag for the next Q)

Mosey to the flag

MARY – Few quick sets of Pax Choice (15 max)

TR – Pretzel Crunch x 15 each side

Rubber – Flutter Kick x 15

Brownbag – Freddie Mercury x 15 IC

TR – finished with some stretching



Count-O-Rama – 12

Announcements – Freed to Bleed (get with Headgear), Operation Christmas Child (Pikachu), F3Grandstrand Camp Out weekend w/ 2.0s (Spork), Q Source launching on Tuesday (check slack), Every Man a Warrior on Fridays (Cross Stitch/Rousey), if anybody wants to help out with Comz (get with me or Penelope)
Prayer requests/Praises – Brown Bag’s extended family health, Brown Bag’s 29th wedding anniversary (Praise… for his M) I kid, I kid

Always an honor to lead!

– TR

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