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Bling, High Interest, Dreamliner (DR Hampton Roads), Skidmark, Texas Ranger, Disconnect, Hamburglar, Hoser, Lombardi, Boxcar, Valvano, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: ElevationMonday – Doug Shaw Stadium

Conditions: Clear. 77 degrees, 91% Humidity.

Post Warthog beatdown on Saturday, DR PAX Dreamliner (HamptonRoads), asked about our Monday run group.  YHC thought he must have been talking about our Friday Hulkamaniacs but he was sure it was a Monday run group.  Somehow, ElevationMonday came up and he said that is what he was talking about.  Ohh boy…The ElevationMonday ruckers haven’t had runners in a while so they just stopped planning Qs for them.  YHC reached out to Valvano to confirm location for Monday and somehow ended up with the Q.  Easy enough, the first ElevationMonday was at DougShaw and there is a back blast and there were a number of runners there so YHC will borrow a few ideas…maybe even the entire weinke.

Roll into the AO at 0445 to see Disconnect chatting up the WMBF reporter. Wow, are we getting more press for Men’s Health Month.  No.  It turns out today is the first day of conditioning for the high school football players.  Luckily they wouldn’t take the field until 0700.  PAX are rolling in and the gates are unlocked so time to get a quick stretch in.

1 minute warning



2 Laps around the track (rucks off)

SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Windmill x 15 IC


IW x15 IC

Squats x22 OYO

To the Bleachers:

There are 4 sets of stairs – each exercise is performed moving up the stairs, then walk back down and transition to the next set.  (Movements across the bleachers will be listed as Bleacher1/Bleacher2/Bleacher3/Bleacher4)


Single Steps/Double Steps/Double Steps/Single Steps

Run 2 laps/Ruck 1 lap

LBCs on the 6.

Single Steps/Double Steps + Squat/Double Steps + Squat/Single Steps

Run 2 laps/Ruck 1 lap

LBCs on the 6.

Single Steps/Double Steps/Double Steps/Single Steps

Run 2 laps/Ruck 1 lap

To the Goal Line (Rucks off)


10 yard suicides.  1 burpee at each turn.  (10, burpee, goal line, burpee, 20, burpee, goal line, burpee, etc.) To the 50 yard line.

Repeat to the 30 yard line.

10 count

Back to the stadium

Up/Down all 4 sections however you like.

Run 1 lap (rucks off)

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 12
Announcements – Dragon Boat Race Aug 22nd (we still need paddlers).  Western NC Dad’s Camp Aug 14-16.  Camp Seagull Dad’s Camp Aug 21-23.  Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon Oct 17-18; sign up is 50% off so might as well sign up now.  YHC is working on a crew to head out to San Antonio for GrowRuck20, Sept 19-20. High Interest, Boxcar, maybe Texas Ranger, maybe Flash and YHC are in so far.   A couple of insane PAX are registered for the GORUCK DC 50+ Mile StarCourse Rucking World Championship Nov 20-21.  Teams of two are allowed in case anyone would like to join Bling and Valvano.  Hamburglar is in if he has a partner.   YHC forgot to mention the 500 Mile Challenge.  Details are on slack.  Sign up now!  Get 500 miles in of whatever between now and Dec 31, get a sweet medal and shirt!  YHC set up a group: F3GrandStrand.



It was a great morning!  All PAX pushed it!  My watch showed 4.3 miles total. Dreamliner is a stud and crushed it!  Glad we had Hamburglar there to represent GrandStrand.  YHC tried to keep up but almost Merlot’d a couple of times doing so.  Hoser is a beast running a good amount of those laps with a ruck.  Glad we could get the runners and ruckers in on this one today.  YHC was EH’ing our runners so big thanks to all who responded. Thank you to all that posted!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead my first ElevationMonday!  We should all post here more often!

Headgear Out!


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