Back to the Future

Back to the Future

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AO: SaltyGears

Conditions: Perfect

Apparently no one else writes BackBlast for one of the most exhilarating AO in the GrandStrand: SALTYGEARS!

I don’t know why the SG Pax don’t memorialize their adventures, but like all beatdowns the memories fade if they aren’t written down in a BackBlast to commemorate the event. The backblast is not just for the participants but also for those who were unable to join in the fun. The keyboard is as important as your helmet. One keeps your brains in, while the other lets your brains out.

Nothing takes us back to our carefree youth like meeting our buddies from all over the neighborhood and setting out on an adventure on our bikes. Where we went or how long we rode was just an excuse to have some fun, push some boundaries, and maybe just maybe taste pure freedom.

Close your eyes and reminisce about when you first learned to ride a bike. It felt like the biggest & best achievement in the world! At first you were tentative; You wobbled and fell, but no matter how many scrapes or bruises you got, you always jumped right back on your bike!! As the months passed, your confidence grew and you began riding faster and faster.

At first it was just up and down the street passed your house. Then you started going further and further. A block here, 2 block there. Pretty soon your rides were measured in miles!! As you got better, the distances got longer. But no matter what, you couldn’t wait to get back home and rush into you house to tell your mom all about your adventures!!

As we grew older, our solo rides around the block turned into rides to your best friend’s house and the local little league baseball field. Soon it was 5-6 kids riding not only around the neighborhood, but out to the lake or over to town. The summers lasted forever and our bikes were a key part of growing up.

Then we turned 16 and began driving. The bikes were put aside.

College rolled around and your bike was back in vogue. Mountain biking on the trails, riding along railroad tracks & crossing seldom used trestles were a great escape from the rigors of learning. The car was still king, but your bike continued to hold a special pace in your heart. It allowed us an excuse to get back to nature and revisit a simpler time.

As family, jobs and life as an adult took priority, our bikes provided a respite and recreation less and less. It hung in our garage as a solemn reminder of what use to be and how far we had come, but the longing for a ride was never far from our thoughts.

Life has settled down a little, the kids are older now and it is a perfect time to recapture the thrill of riding. Riding with SaltyGear gives me (and probably all Pax) the same sense of exhilaration & escapism as it did in our youth so many years ago!

As always with the annual celebrations of the founding of F3 GrandStrand, Pax gather in the Gloom to get their groove on well before the beatdown begins. Today would be no different. Of course, there would be pre-rucks and pre-runs, but the main attraction (at least for 15 men) would be biking in the pre-dawn hours throughout downtown Myrtle Beach!

There were local boys & out of towners; there were old guards and fresh faces; there were speed demons and daredevils; there were young bucks and chiseled vets; there were smack talkers & quiet storms; there were beards and bald heads; there were primo donnas and performers; there were men of all shapes and sizes, but most importantly there were friends!! It didn’t matter if we saw each other once a day or once a year, the brotherhood of F3 bikers is a tight bond.

Riding in the gloom brings out the best in each one of us! Feeling the wind in our faces and seeing the sun rise over the ocean makes you feel alive!! The salt air mixed with the coolness of dawn tastes like freedom.

So if it’s been a while since you rode or you want to try something new, check out SaltGears (GrandStrand) or TrainingWheels (TheRepublic). Trust me, it’s a great time!!! Now sit back and enjoy the ride!!

We all met at Warthog at 5:00ish. Unloaded our bikes & said our hellos.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15: Rolling Disclaimer


We left the parking lot of Warthog and turned right onto Forbus Ct until it intersected with Farrow Parkway at which time we headed west towards Coventry Blvd. At Coventry Blvd we took a hard left, then another hard left onto a bike trail for a few miles until we reached business 17.

At Business 17 we turned left once more until we reached the intersection of Farrow Pkwy & Ocean Blvd. Waiting for the light to change, we crossed Business 17 and began a long trek down Ocean Blvd until we arrived at 2nd Avenue N.

At 2nd Avenue N, we rode through the Wicked Tuna parking lot on to the Boardwalk and continued riding north to 16th Avenue N. At 16th Avenue N. we dismounted for a water break and a photo op with the sun rising over the ocean.

After taking our break, we road west on 16th Avenue N until it intersected with N. Ocean Blvd. We turned left down N. Ocean Blvd until we reached Plyler Park, At Plyler Park, we headed east once again until we intersected the boardwalk. We raced down the boardwalk like a well-trained Peloton taking each turn with fine-tuned precision arriving at 2nd Avenue N. At this point we re-entered N. Ocean Blvd and continued to ride south to S. Kings Highway.

We then crossed S. Kings Highway which became Farrow Parkway once more. Down Farrow Parkway, passing Warbird Park, we turned right onto Shine Avenue. Shine Avenue to Mustang Street and Mustang Street to Airdrome Avenue. At the intersection of Airdrome Avenue and Huger Street, we turned left riding Huger Street until it terminated at Howard Avenue. We turned right onto Howard Avenue and eventually turned left onto Airpark Drive. Shortly after riding down Airpark Drive, we took a bike path back until it crossed Farrow Parkway at which time we connected to Forbus Court and completed our journey.

Another great SaltyGears ride was in the books!!