Back to the Hulk!!!

Back to the Hulk!!!

Workout Date:





Tiny Dancer, Castaway, Fergie, Hoser, Headgear, Boxcar, Bling, Lombardi, Valvano, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

30.  Frosty

Monday morning!!!  Time for THE HULK!!!  Cold.  Frosty.  Didn’t know who would show.  Had several plans in my mind based on numbers.  Told the guys to add some more weight to their rucks..start building up!  10 showed up.  9 did work!  HA!  Just kidding.  Boxcar walked around with us.  Which is amazing since he completely ripped his calf less than 2 weeks ago and was already back testing it out.  That was the initial report least.  Ripped calf.  Back on May 3.  Oh, 1 day after GrowRuck?!?!?!  A little too convenient.  So we asked his M for the truth: QUOTE – “He nicked his calf using my razor to shave his legs.  We put a band-aid on it and he was fine.”

Anyway….we were gonna get rolling….got texts on drive from Soto and V – gonna be late.  Apparently, they were getting in some extra training for the HTL they both signed up for.  Gosh…too bad I have my anniversary trip those days….would really really love to be there.  Uh..yeah.   Either that or Soto needed to find a stool to scrap the ice off his windshield.

The regular awesome studs were there.  Lombardi, Fergie, Bling, and Hoser.  Always present and accounted for and ready to do work.  Castaway our regular TWENTY-SIX year old The Citadel grad…sheesh….makes us old men look bad.  And Tiny Dancer getting into rucking which is awesome and we found out like Boxcar, he will not post in the rain!  Hmmm…..

Alright, let’s get rolling.  Rucks and bags.  Over to bridge.
Wait on V to catch up from rolling in late with an OH ruck hold
Partner up….1 bag per partner…go over bridge.  I’ll tell you when to switch.
I didn’t.  I wanted everything to think they were gonna get some relief, but then not!  Much like in an event, you may have to carry something longer than you want to.  Get used to it.

Drop em.
Little Mosey to the 350 marker and back – running uphill will always suck!  BC looked fresh when the rest of us got back!
Partner up again.  Or keep same partners.
P1 – ruck to 50 yard mark and back.
P2 – Perfect form squats with ruck or with ruck and sandbag.  No cheating, no race.  Do the work.  Remember your #.
P1 – ruck to 50 yard mark and back.
P2 – Perfect form merkins with ruck.  No cheating, no race.  Do the work; rest if needed, do knee merkins if needed.  Remember your #.
P1 – ruck to 50 yard mark and back.
P2 – Perfect form BBSU’s or Butterfly situps with ruck on feet.  No cheating, no race.  Do the work.  Remember your #.

OH hold for 60 seconds that turned into 68 thanks to Hoser’s story of crawling through a sewer.  Had to have been there!

Do the same rotation BUT
P1 add 1 burpee up there so P2 can try to eke out 3 more reps of each!!  Little tired, but little more time. PUSH YOURSELF.

Another OH hold for 90 seconds – Sorry about your truck Tiny Dancer.

Other guy from before bag up and all the way back over
1 extra bag due to Boxcar…V carried it the whole way and wouldn’t share.Get all bags.  Go toward cars

2 things I wanted to try

Circle up with a bag between each man.  My math was off cause I’m an idiot.  But it was fine.  BC and V held hands so that was nice, while the rest of us grabbed 1 end of a sandbag between each man and pressed the sandbags OH as a team and held for a 15 count – FUN

Then, partner curls with a bag.  Something I saw on youtube this weekend.  Worked well.  Makes sure both guys are working and doing it together and using full ROM!  This was awesome!


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for Roger
Prayer requests for teachers going back to 5 days a week (and kids and parents)
Prayer requests for our country
Prayers unspoken


Great work today by everyone.  Keep it up!!!
Get in extra rucks when you can.  Get used to the weightAnnouncements
– #WaveRucker Wednesday – training
– FreedtoBleed Round 3 on March 2.  SIGN UP!  Save 3 lives.
– GrowRuck – 4/30-5/2/21  – See Q sheet for all the other stuff coming up to get readyAye,

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