Bag work

Bag work

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One Call, Hoser, Turn & Cough, Lombardi, High Interest, Texas Ranger, Bling

The Thang:

Elevation Monday- starting  the week on the right foot!  I grabbed the Q and put together a beatdown that PAX would feel the rest of the week!

Put out an “HC” call yesterday- got 7 HC’s.  Asked for 4 60 pound bags, and got them- awesome work and commitment dudes!

picked up my compadre at 0445- made our way over to the Hulk- weather 42 and cold!! All PAX accounted for after T&C blistered into the gravel lot!   here we go!

partner up and grab a 60 pounder and make our way over the bridge.  (I somehow didn’t do proper math with the partners and had an extra 40 pound bag- had to run that back to the car and catch up with the convoy.  Switch bag at the top of the bridge (I grabbed Lombardi’s – Hoser had to suck it up and carry all the way over, but he can handle!). Drop bags and rucks off at the “GO” painted at the bottom of the decline by the dog park.   Partner DORA.  T&C and OC, Hoser & Lombardi, HI & TR.  I was solo for this Dora.

Partner 1- 100 thrusters with the 60 pounder.  (Clean and squat with overhead press)

partner 2- farmer carry both your ruck and partners ruck to the 50 yard mark and back.  next time you carry ruck, to the 100, then to the 150, etc until the 100 reps are completed.

this was a full body beatdown and there were a lot of groans- especially from me!  2. minute rest

mosey incline to 350 and back.

ruck up for more. PT. 20 merkins, 20 squats, 40 LBC’s and 40 4. count flutters OYO.  0545, time to make our way back over the bridge.  same partners and 60 bag, we switched 4 times to make it back to AO.

solid beatdown and solid PAX.

prayers for Logan traveling and Darla’s family, along with kids back in school.  TIME


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