Balls and Ropes are the coupons

Balls and Ropes are the coupons

Workout Date:





Kiwi, Rousey, O'Douls, Cross-stitch, Judge Judy, Candy Cane, Pikachu, First Base, Laces, Crabs, Crop Duster

The Thang:

Pretty humid for an October morning but happy to be back on the Q Sheet.  Tried to sign up in September but there were no openings for Catapult (good problem to have).     I knew I wanted to pull out a similar Q I did back at the beginning of the AO days so I contacted Boxcar and borrowed some soccer balls.  I used to have a supply on hand but since I don’t coach anymore I have given them all away.



Thru the Tunnel X12

Imperial Walkers X12

Hillbillies X12

LBAC forward and reverse X12

Overhead Claps X12

Head to the car and each PAX grabs a Soccer Ball and Mosey to the Student Center driveway

Toy Solider to the Student Center

On the side deck we did Merkins as follows:

Ball under left hand then ball under right hand then ball under your feet X5 each

Rinse and repeat counting down 4 then 3 then 2 then 1

Pick up your ball and mosey to baseball field entrance.  Lunge walk to press box

Count down here by 2s from 10

Exercises are squats (ball between your legs) then on the wall for newly named Flop Humpers #crowdpleasure

Pick up your ball when finished and head to main parking lot.  Find some grass and do some toe touches on the ball from behind and then from the side.

Backward mosey to other end of the parking lot then walking ten count to the front sidewalk of the church

Count down here by 2s from 10

Heels to Heaven with ball between your feet and American Hammers, touching the ball on the ground on both sides

Mosey back to baseball field for one set of ten both squats and Flop Humpers

Mosey back to Student Center for one set of ten Merkins with the ball in each position.

Mosey to back of Church then backward run to end of parking lot.

Back at the flag everyone grabs a rope and before we stretch we have time for 2 rounds of Hurricane Hoedown.


Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Announcements and COT


Pikachu arrived late so he had no soccer ball.  The mumble chatter with “grown men” when balls are involved was somewhat entertaining.  I mentioned Pete Schweddy and if you are not familiar I posted the SNL skit below.  It is worth your time.



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