Basic work to get stronger

Basic work to get stronger

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Bling, Nails (2.0), Lombardi, Hoser, Valvano, Fergie, Sade, Castaway, Spinal Tap, OneCall(QIC)

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#WaveRucker!!!  Expected to see the 80+ PAX in the rucking channel post.  Or at least those in the GrowRuck channel.  Or the other 19 channels Soto has set up about GrowRuck. Maybe soon!!!!  Gotta start training men!!!!  We did have our regular crew of AWESOME dudes!!!  Hoser, Lombardi, Valvano, Spinal Tap (now a regular).  Bling too (ha!  only half awesome).  Nails my 2.0 getting ready for The Citadel next year!!!!  Am I really 30 years older than him???  Ugh.  And these 20 year olds!  We are all gonna dye our hair.  Fergie back after Bling and Cotton Candy killed him…good thing for the disclaimer.  And our 1st timers at #WR – Sade and Castaway.  Literally a group of ANIMALS!!!!  100 lb sandbag – new guys – whatever….give it to us!!!  Us old timers know how much it sucks.    Anyhow, my plan was to keep fairly constant movement, with some steady PT as guys get used to doing things with rucks.  And to make guys comfortable being uncomfortable with heavy weights.  So we had the 100 and 80 as the heavy ones.  Threw the 60 and 40 in there for the lighter and newer guys.  Everyone crushed today.  AMAZING WORK!

Load up at cars.  We would ruck approx. ½ mile at a time.  Each ½ mile, we would do, with perfect form:
10 Squats
10 Lunges
10 Merkins
10 Up and Overs with the rucks – great way to get heart rate up!!
We followed this patter to the planes, where we did another set.

Then – to get more stuff in, lined up 60, 80, 100.  10 cleans, 7, 5 (based on the weight grabbed).  Grab a bag and do em.  If you ain’t cleaning, ruck mosey a lap around planes  2 rounds of each.

Let’s smoke the legs.  20 step-ups; 20 calf raises.  15 of each, 10 of each, 5 of each.


Ruck and bag back up – and start heading back.
This time, at the stop points we would do, again with perfect form:
10 Side lunges
10 Jump Squats
10 CDD’s
10 Up and Overs

Went to the fountains.  Lined up the 60, 80, 100.  SQUATS.  Ruck and bags.  2 sets.  Then 20 step ups on the ONE remaining bench (fountain was wet and we didn’t want anyone getting hurt).  Apparently social distancing on a football field only allows 2 people to sit there.  O well.  Strong work with great form!

Final thing – circle up.  There were 10 of us.  Someone only 8 counted in count-a-rama, but there were 10!
Everyone rucks up OH.  Press 10 along with PAX 1 pressing the 60.  Then rotate the 60.  Each PAX would do 10 presses with the 60 while all the others went around with their rucks.  So 100 total presses!!!  NICE!  OUCH.

Ruck and bag back up – to the cars.  0600.  PERFECT.  3.1 miles.  Lots of reps.  Tired.

Interesting January 13 facts just because:

In 1794, President George Washington approved a measure adding two stars and two stripes to the American flag, following the admission of Vermont and Kentucky to the Union. (The number of stripes was later reduced to the original 13.)

In 1941, a new law went into effect granting Puerto Ricans U.S. birthright citizenship.

In 1992, Japan apologized for forcing tens of thousands of Korean women to serve as sex slaves for its soldiers during World War II, citing newly uncovered documents that showed the Japanese army had had a role in abducting the so-called “comfort women.”

In 1997, seven black soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for World War II valor; the lone survivor of the group, former Lt. Vernon Baker, received his medal from President Bill Clinton at the White House.

Count-O-Rama – There were 10.  Somehow only 8 counted.  Tired?
Prayer requests for Hoser’s M
Prayer requests for Soto
Prayer requests for Inujured PAX
Prayer requests for all those first responders and those involved in another tragic loss of a LEO
Prayer requests for our country
Prayers unspoken

– #FreedtoBleed Round 3 on March 2.  SIGN UP!  Save 3 lives.  If you don’t, you are just plain mean.
– GrowRuck – 4/30-5/2/21 – Join at least 1 of the 83 channels Soto has set up.  Cubbie has the lend a rucks.  Start training – don’t be scared.  YHC, Bling, Valvano, Hoser, Soto, Weedeater will be glad to assist (don’t talk to Flash, he is INSANE and will tell you how he crushed it, his hair never got messed up, he got 106 phones numbers from random ladies, and didn’t even break a sweat).  Show up to Elevation Mondays and/or Waveruckers or look for other opportunities coming!




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