BB #TheRepublic

BB #TheRepublic

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Super Dave, Sitework, Strap Lock, Saved by the Bell

The Thang:

I arrived to the last hint of summer with a mid 70s temp, but high humidity. I quickly realized I only invited the Pax starting with S, but they came so work would be done. I gave the disclaimer and we began.

COP- IC SSH, TTT, imperial walkers, windmills and arm circles forward reverse. A mosey to the sand lot.

Main Thang- I just like doing 4 corners, so I made my mind up overnight to try 3 sets. Set 1 was a leg section with 10 jump squats, add those to 20 2 count mountain climbers, go to the 3rd corner and add those along with 30 2 count plank jacks, then to the 4th corner and doo the 3 plus 40 squats. Reverse the sets for a total of 80 jump squats, 120 mountain climbers, 120 mountain climbers, and 80 squats. A mosey around the block to recover.

Set 2 was corner 1 10 4 count flutter kicks, go to corner 2 for 15, the 3rd corner for 20 and the 4th for 25. Reverse the set for a total of 140 flutter kicks (hard charger Site Work picked up the 6 for a final set of 10 to round out at 150). A mosey around the block to recover.

The last set seemed easy enough- 5 merkins at the 1st corner and add 5 per corner then back down. A total of 100 and a final longer lap.

Announcements and prayer requests were sounded and I prayed us out.

Just a test- if you read this, comment AYE on Twitter.

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