BB Warthog 8/25 (Posted for Pedro)

BB Warthog 8/25 (Posted for Pedro)

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The Thang:

YHC volunteered to Q DR at #Warthog due to having the take the M to the airport for a 0630 flight. After dropping off the M and 2.0 at the airport, YHC sauntered over to #warthog to prep the battle space for the beatdown. Upon arrival, it was noted that the weather was perfect in what felt like the first day of fall, no humidity and sub 70 degrees. What was not perfect was watching 2 men, engage in what appeared to be  Greek Roman wrestling  at the AO. YHC was naturally confused, but later discovered that the two men who were engaged in pitch Greco Roman battle were actually Pax, and were taking part in the #judeechop workout offered by F3Grandstrand. Pro Tip: next time have more than 2 post for #judeechop to avoid the risk of having the cops called.
13 Merkins IC
15 Smurf jaxx IC
19 Flutter kicks IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC
Shoulder exercises
YHC is aware of the oddity of the rep count, wanted to ensure the Pax we’re guessing as to the number while doing the exercise.
First circuit the Pax did for the beatdown. It won’t be found on the lexicon, so YHC is open to a better name. This is what it entailed:
1) 4 minutes run around track follows by 25 merkins IC
2) 4 minute run around track (pax were instructed to beat the previous distance; effectively a negative split or be subject to a penalty) – 10 burpees for each PAX who
failed to reach the negative split – followed by 50 squats
Author’s note: YHC *accidentally* failed to mention that they would need to keep a negative split during their initial 4 minute run
3) 4 minute run – with same conditions as before – 40 flutter kicks
Authors note: OneCall (who makes me attend F3 as part of my employment with him) specifically requested a good cardio/run beatdown. YHC was happy to oblige.
2nd circuit is also not on the lexicon, but YHC is fond of the name. Since it wasn’t on the lexicon, it took a lot of remediation explanation (mostly for Geno) but here is how it went:
Pax divided up into 2 teams. YHC set up cones (specifically foam nunchucks) approximately 60 yards apart. Team 1 went to one cone while Team 2 went to the other.
On the Q’s signal 1 Pax from each team  bear crawled toward the opposite cone. When the Pax from each team met each other, the Pax were required to do 5 hand clapper merkins, whoever finished first continued onto the opposite cone while the other pax was eliminated.
Whenever one Pax was eliminated, it prompted the next team member to bear brawl, until he met the opposing teams Pax, starting again the 5 clapper merkin race.
The Pax rinse and repeated above until one team had made it to the other side.
*Narrator’s Voice* : no team made it to the other side and after 10 minutes, the Q called the exercise.
Next the Pax did the same thing, however crab walked and did 5 BB sit-ups. A winner was crowned very quickly due to Varsity cutting throw the opposition like a buzz saw, using LBC’s as a weapon (I kid).
– flutter kicks
10 BB Sit-ups OYO
– hello dollies
10 BB sit-ups OYO
– American hammers
10 BB sit-ups OYO
– Boat/canoes
10 BB sit-ups OYO
Planked until time
Closed with COT
– prayers for Handrail as his family open a new chapter in their lives when they move to Greenville.
– Lombardi has worked out tickets to the Pelican game on Monday, August 27.   Come one, come all!!  PAX, M’s, 2.0s, Non-F3 welcome – use this as an EH’ing tool!!!  FREE thanks to Rubber!!!!!  And there is word of a “TAB” from Buffett!!!  This goes without saying, but wear a F3 shirt!!!!!  If you don’t have one (no reason for that BTW), borrow one or get a white T-shirt and a black magic marker!

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