Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Shoeless (2xR), Squirt, YHC, Backdraft

The Thang:

So this is a much delayed backblast to a delayed Q. It was the YHC’s birthday last week, and he finally got around to Q’celebrating at the mothership. Once the fergerameister got the Q sheet spun up for the month, the best opening for YHC was today, the 15th of September in the year of our lord 2022. Being that 31 is not an easy number to halve…unless of course your King solomon and one PAX gets 3 and the other gets 1. After some sesame street, YHC figured out that 15+16=31, ipso facto the rep scheme shall be 15, & 16. Next up, how to make that useful. Well four corners is always a great way to do sets of two, therefor four corners it is. With the basic scheme of maneuver connived, YHC racked out with thoughts of burpees and mosies dancing in his head.

At 0445, there arose such a clatter, quickly he sprung from the congenial forty winks that bridge the night time gaps between days. Quickly clothes were mustered, shoes were tied, water was prepared for transportation, and the jalopy turned over, and made mobile. Onwards, onwards drove the horseless carriage though showered by gloom, and pothole, rode the stalwart YHC to his noble duty of Q’in the mothership. Upon arrival, he soon found the same sadsack numbers Warthog has been plagued with as of late. Nevertheless, 3 pax on scene plus the Q endeavored to show that numbers are meaningless if all give all. The waiver was issued, the warm up commenced, and off we go! First stop was valour court where the plan was issued (see BAMCIS). First up, 15 rows, followed by 16 LBCs, with our movement on the next objective being lunges which kinda sucked TBH. Next corner same rep count different movement: mericans, and carolina dry docks. Off we go to the next corner, with our method of conveyance being burpee broad jumps, which got rave reviews. New movements: squats and speed skaters. Then pole sprints (jog to the first pole, sprint to one after, repeat until arriving at the far side), where we mustered on the far corner with a PAX choice beatdown with the goal of making 31. Upon accomplishing this feat of calisthenic mathematics, I asked Shoeless with his smile so bright, to guide these humble pax to the parking garage this morning. We arrived, and commenced part two: donkey kicks, wall sits, and a few other things. With this complete we proceeded to assault the stairs. In pairs, one pax ascended the stairs, while partner B performs a wall sit. When A reaches the first landing they perform 5 burpees, call out set, then wall sit until B arrives perform there burpees, and then A can move onwards and upwards. Rinse, wash repeat until starlight is found. Upon summiting the stairwell, we mosied down, and proceed on back the parking lot. On the way we stopped at the pavilion, knocked out some dips, and derkins, then disembarked for the start point. Upon arrival, we circled up and conducted a traditional Mary. This all accomplished, we circled up, prayed it out, and went about our days.

Announcements: Give Blood 23 Sep. We have extra for reason, don’t be a hoarder and give some up. Hightower/Offc. Hancher beatdown/5k/roadclean-up 1 Oct, Be there
Prayers: Spoken and Unspoken
Honored to lead