Be Prepared

Be Prepared

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Penelope, Weedeater

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Be Prepared

I learned two things the day I was in the Boy Scouts, how to make a paddle boat and always be prepared. I loved that paddle boat so much I didn’t think anything could top it so I never went back. But always being prepared helped me today. I lined up some blocks to be there for the Q so we could partner up and do some reps with weight and do some running.

Weedeater showed, Penelope showed (I got him with the super easy, no tough stuff and relaxed post), I showed but no blocks showed up. I was worried the night before about having enough blocks so I went out a bought some (always be prepared).

We called one minute and started to warm up.

15 Imperial Walker

10 Merkins

20 SSH

15 LBAC (front and back)

10 Squats

Then some TTT (mostly just some stretches for the back)

We got two blocks out and moved over to the sidewalk, there was a nice dry area to set up and we started.  Two PAX did the blocks the other ran to the second trash can and back then we switched. But Weedeater has a bum hip so he bear crawled each time to the first trash can (crazy).

After each Pax had a chance to do the block and run or beach crawl we all did 10 SSH (110 total)



Flutter Kicks

Overhead Hold


Leg Raises

Overhead Press

Calf Raises


Bench Press


That was it, there were few of us but it was a good time and good company. I hate that there were not more. Maybe next time but we will be prepared.




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